For Jio to Airtel Port Must Use 2 Easy & Traditional Ways

Jio to airtel Port

There is a huge demand for Airtel sim in India because of its 4G internet Speed and also there is a huge user of Jio in India for its cheap rate internet which providing values. So here in this article, I will let you know about Jio to Airtel Port and why people of Jio are converting their connections to Airtel.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is assistance that offers the clients to move their portable system supplier to some other system supplier without changing the versatile number. Jio clients can change their specialist co-op and move to Airtel, Vodafone, and other telecom suppliers utilizing MNP.

2 Ways for Jio to Airtel Port

By using two methods you can get Jio to airtel port sim. one is a smart and easy process and second one is the Traditional old way. So let’s know how to Port from Jio to Airtel …

Smart & easy way for Jio to Airtel Port

This way used by smarter people in this digital era. Just using Airtel Application you can easily get Jio to airtel port without anybody’s help.

  • go to
  • click on purchase postpaid choice
  • Select your favored arrangement for the given rundown
  • Select “switch to airtel” alternative
  • Update your location and contact subtleties

Presently take a load off. Airtel officials will consider you and fix an arrangement for a home visit.

The traditional way for Jio to Airtel Port

If you have some belief in the traditional way to do this, you need to do it step by step which is complex to me

  • Open your message box and select ‘Compose
  • SMS PORT<space>Your Mobile No to 1900 using your native SMS app of phone (not WhatsApp)
  • After doing that, you will receive a UPC.
  • Then you have to visit the Airtel showroom and fill up a form where you have to mention a UPC which you have received on your Jio number.
  • Airtel staff will take your request and the number will be ported to airtel prepaid.

That is the completely traditional way for Jio to Airtel port.

Eligibility to Jio to Airtel port

There is just one condition that you have to meet before making a compactness demand utilizing the MNP administration. The current SIM card association must be utilized for a time of beyond what 90 days before a client can apply for versatile number movability. On the off chance that the number has as of late been ported to the current telecom system and you attempt to make another porting demand, it will fall flat and you won’t get a UPC against your SMS demand.


1. What is UPC?

UPC, which is a short type of Unique Porting Code essentially comprises of 8 characters of which the initial two characters determine the Service supplier’s name and Service Area code. Like in the event that the initial two characters of UPC are BZ, at that point, it indicates a BSNL (B), Maharashtra (Z) number, and the staying 6 characters will contain 1 to 9, A-N and P-Z just and little letters and the letter set ‘O’ will never be permitted in the UPC.

2. How to Find UPC?

To produce your unique porting code or UPC, SMS PORT <space> 99XXXXXXXX and send it to 1900. You will get the code through SMS from 1901. Since the code is substantial just for 4 days (compelling from 16-Dec-2019)*, ensure you create the UPC code in the nearness of our official.

3. How much time needed for Jio to Airtel Port?

According to new TRAI rules viable from 16-Dec-2019, it will take 48 hours* for the number to get ported. Your number will stay dynamic all through with the exception of scarcely any hours after 12 PM on the day we at long last change your number from the current administrator to Airtel.

4. Do I need to go to a mobile shop for Jio to Airtel Port?

I already told you used a smarter way then You can switch to Airtel without going outside of your home. Just select a plan by clicking on “Buy now”, share your quick details & and schedule the delivery day. Airtel staff will be at your doorstep to deliver the new sim & verify the KYC.

5. How to cancel my Jio to airtel Port Request?

Truly, you can drop your port-in demand inside 24 hrs of presenting the records with the new specialist organization. To do as such, SMS CANCEL <NUMBER> to 1900 from the versatile number for which the port-in demand was created.


I think all the topic about Jio to Airtel port Process is described in this article. Thank you for reading this article. On many websites, there is described the old hectic traditional way for making Jio to Airtel port but I posted the new way to port which might be providing huge value to our visitors. Share this article to your friend who got stuck.

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