6 Quick HDFC Balance Check Number | Generate Mini Statement

6 Quick HDFC Balance Check Number | Generate Mini Statement

HDFC is one of the biggest private banks dominating a wide range of financial and banking services to individuals, institutions, and businesses. Investment in the latest technology to give users a smooth banking experience makes them stand out from the other banks. There are different methods to avail of information regarding HDFC Balance Check Number and other banking transactions.

Customers can avail of the HDFC Balance Check Number using missed call, SMS, net banking, mobile banking, ATM method, and calling a number of methods. I am sharing the methods since I am also an HDFC customer. I found people also search for the same are mislead with the vast information on the internet. Quickly go through this post to check your balance in an easy way.

6 Quick HDFC Balance Check Number To Generate Mini Statement

Give a missed call to the toll-free number 1800-270-3333 viz. HDFC Balance Check Number. Customers can check the balance or generate a mini statement using SMS, net banking, mobile banking, ATM method, and calling a number of methods also. There are a total of 6 methods you can check your HDFC Balance or generate mini statements, which are explained in detail below.

Missed Call

Dial 1800 270 3377 viz. HDFC Missed Call Number Services to generate Account Statement. All the numbers provided below are for missed call services and in the following table, all the purpose with the exact numbers are available to access the account related customer management.

Missed Call Services
Services Phone Number
Mini Statement 1800 270 3355
Request For Cheque Book 1800 270 3366
Account Statement 1800 270 3377
Mobile Banking App 1800 270 3344
Request For Email Account Statement 1800 270 3388


Send SMS Bal <Last 5 digits of A/C no.> to 5676712 for Balance Enquiry from an HDFC registered mobile number linked with your account. Txn <Last 5 digits of A/C no.> is to receive a mini statement regarding your HDFC account. While sending Stm <Last 5 digits of A/C no.> will give you your account statement and Chq <Last 5 digits of A/C no.> to request for a checkbook.

SMS Service
Transaction SMS Syntax
Balance Enquiry bal
Mini Statement txn
Cheque Status Enquiry cst <6 digit cheque no>
Cheque Book Request chq
Stop Cheque stp <6 digit cheque no>
Request for an Account Statement stm
Bill Details bil
Fixed Deposit Enquiry fdq
Change of Primary Account new <14 digit account no>
Internet Banking password (IPIN) regeneration ipin
PAN number update PAN <PAN number> <Cust Id>
Re-KYC compliance is done for low-risk individual customers KYC <dd/mm/yy>
Debit Card Green Pin generation through SMS Banking REPIN <last 4 digits of Debit Card>
All the pre-approved offers in your cust id can be had at a glance MYHDFC
List of keywords help

In case you want to enquire about the cheque status send Cst<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.> to 5676712. If you don’t want a cheque transaction, you can stop it anytime by informing them sending Stp<6-digit cheque no.> <Last 5 digits of A/C no.>.

Internet Banking

To realize the record adjust and do some financial exchanges, you can likewise turn to the net financial technique. When you apply for net financial administrations, you will get would the user be able to Name and Password. Sign in to the net financial site of the HDFC Balance Check Number utilizing these qualifications and you will have the option to realize your record adjust and furthermore play out various financial exercises on the site.

Mobile Banking

You can likewise check your record balance and furthermore do some financial exchanges on the HDFC versatile banking application. Download the HDFC Balance Check Number versatile banking application on Google Play or Apple App store. This office gives you the most helpful and fast approach to do various financial exercises moving with your cell phone and you will never need to go to the bank for these exercises.

HDFC Bank is viewed as one of the main banks in India. HDFC Bank Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Bank was joined in August 1994 and has 5,130 branches and 13,395 ATMs in 2,764 urban areas/towns (as of June 30, 2019). The bank offers a wide scope of banking and monetary administrations in India.


HDFC customers can call 022-61606161 to check the balance. You will be prompted to select a language and follow the IVR instructions. HDFC Balance Check Number can also be done from the procedure stated above to give a missed call and receive the details regarding the services applied for.

HDFC Bank gives different missed call numbers to check account balance, scaled-down articulation, checkbook demand, account explanation and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. HDFC Balance Check Number has presented SMS Banking for its clients who can get to their records and make exchanges effectively through their cell phones, making banking simpler, more intelligent, and less complex. HDFC Balance Check Number following are the different strategies through which you can check HDFC financial balance.


HDFC financial balance holders can likewise utilize the ATM of the bank or some other bank’s ATM to realize the record balance and furthermore do some financial exchanges. Supplement your HDFC charge card in the ATM opening. Adhere to the guidelines and info your four-digit PIN number. Select the ‘Check Account Balance’ choice to get your equalization data showed on the screen. You can likewise take a print of your HDFC Balance Check Number account balance data.

Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited is the main private part bank to have been allowed endorsement by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India). The bank gloats of an exceptionally advanced innovation that empowers its clients to HDFC Balance Check Number work their records without hardly lifting a finger. To get your record most recent parity or some other assistance, you simply need to give a missed HDFC Balance Check Number call to missed call number and after two rings the call will be consequently separated and an SMS of with demand status will be gotten.

HDFC bank WhatsApp Banking permits one to check the equalization in the investment account or view the smaller than expected articulation. One can request the most recent record proclamation and even spot a solicitation for another checkbook.

For the individuals who are holding the HDFC Bank Visa, they can check the remarkable parity on the charge card or even request the card explanation. Further, one may see the prizes focuses gathered on the card or know as far as possible on the card.

HDFC SMS Banking FAQs:

  1. Would I be able to profit a record explanation for a past period? No, account explanation for a past period can’t be profited through SMS Banking.
  2. Could HDFC SMS Banking be profited outside my enlisted city or outside my telecom circle? Indeed, the office can be profited from anyplace in the nation or abroad, gave national or universal wandering is enacted on your enrolled versatile.
  3. Would I be able to stop different checks one after another utilizing the HDFC SMS Banking office? No, at present just each check can be halted in turn utilizing the SMS banking office at HDFC.
  4. What does HDFC charge its clients for the SMS Banking office? No, the bank doesn’t require any charges for this office.
  5. How long does the bank take total the enlistment for SMS Banking? After the application structure is filled and submitted, HDFC takes 4 working days to finish the enlistment procedure.

I hope the post 6 Quick HDFC Balance Check Number helped you to check your balance through the number for sure. The pieces of information are well maintained and pre-checked before I actually suggested to you and thank you for choosing us with your valuable time to serve you.

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