300+ Best Bengali Girl Names ideas with Meaning

Bengalees Love their culture and tradition. The girls born in Bengali have really beautiful eyes and the Bengali Kajol makes it more beautiful, so today’s topic is for the Bengali parent who badly searching for Bengali Girl Names for their Baby Girl.

Right from childhood, Bengali Girls gets training in dance, singing, art, and every creative thing possible. So When you are searching for  Bengali Girl Names you must be careful of it should be traditional and mixed with the culture and religion they are belonging to.

300+  Bengali Girl Names ideas

Are you looking for some Unique Bengali Girl Names then the Goldtrend team is there to help you with 300+ Bengali Girl names ideas with the meaning of it

Unique Bengali baby girl Names

Some parents in Bengal or Bangladesh looking for naming their Girl child with some unique name. so here is the list of Unique Bengali baby girl Names for you.

Jhumpa Jhumpa means Charming, or Pet name. Jhumpa is an Indian female name of Bengali and Sanskrit origin.
Tatan One who brings heat
Neelprabbha Glimmering blue color.
Ballaki The name means an instrument,i.e., Veena.
Aaoka the one shining brightly and having a great lustre
Neepabala Finishing or accomplishment.
Sanaki Earthen plate
Gangajal Water running in the river ganga.
Subarnapratima She who is a very beautiful image
Rupeeya One who is a rupee
Putrika One as pretty as the doll
Puthi One who loves books
Kanchanjangha The name means High Mountain
Deeptimoyee A lustrous and efficient human being
Subrata Devoted to what is right
Piyali A tree, someone who is like a tree
Indrani Indrani is the name of Hindu goddess of beauty and wife of Lord Indra. The name means queen of Indra
Nabamita Ninth day of the lunar fortnight.
Pornolata One who is like a betal plant
Kanchangiri The name means Golden Mountain
Nabamallika Resembles duple Jasmine flower.
Oishimaya A noble person full of good deeds, no evil within.
Tufani Refers to a very strong blowing.
Porna A woman who is like the leaf
Jhanvi Ganga the river; An educated person
Kedarika The name means Water arounf the Tree
Suryatapa A woman who worships suraya
Aaritra Navigator the one who is an explorer
Kanakachompak The name means The Sweet Scent of the Flower
Fuleswari A name of a river or lake.
Aahana (आहना) Inner light; Immortal; First rays of the sun; Angel
Abhigjna One who is possessing great knowledge.
Trijama The river Jamuna, river of night
Aaloka (आलोका) The name aaloka means lustrous or the one very beautiful
Suhashini A woman who always has a smile on her face
Madhabilata One who is like a vine plant
Nipabithi Mildness, tenderness, calmness.
Torsha A river in Bengal region
Subarnalata A golden vine
Gajamati The name of a great pearl or ornament.
Shimantini A Bengali name meaning “a woman”
Kusumkalika The meaning of the name is She is like a Flower
Nabanita The new faith or the new moral
Sanchari A traveller in motion
Timsy A star or a shining bright star
Aashamana the one who is as precious as water or being life giving
Moumita A sweet friend
Napti Daughter’s daughter, grand daughter.

Uncommon Bengali baby girl Names

Naming something uncommon is always interesting so Bengali parents are mostly going with this list of Uncommon Bengali baby girl Names for your newborn baby girl

Tanhi A woman
A native American name that means a wild beautiful goose.
Aangi (आंगी)
The act of decorating the God or a person close to god
Aadhila (अदीला)
The name aadhila means Honesty, the one who is Scrupulous with regards to telling the truth
Nayani The ocean which gives extreme beauty.
Minuyara A fish from the deep water
the other name of Sun, the one having a power of sun in his charioteer
Sulata A creeper plant, a vine
Tarillata The Lightning
Bhoomika Goddess Earth; Lord of Earth
Tribeni The meeting point of three sacred rivers
Mouna A Silence, a desire to be silent
Tisyha A star from the sky
Somapika One who terminates things
Purabi One whose voice is like the musical note
Runu The sound of jingles
Gangalahari Name of an Asian river.
Putput To handle things with too much care
Tingiri Picher, a family of burrowing mammals
Tarangi Bengali name meaning wave
Tasbi Praising the God
Manasha One who is like the Goddess
Tavishi Name of Goddess Durga
Makshirani A girl who is like a honey bee
Gandhapuspa Sweet smell of a floret.
Kusumkali The name means a Kind of a Flower
Sushmita Good smile, smiling
Tusarika White color snowflakes.
Durba One who is a sacred grass
Neerudhi Resembling consuming fire.
Somprikti A Bengali name meaning saturation
Kampilya The name means The Smell of Parfume
Madhurima Indian name describing sweetness
Kanakaprabha The name means Bright as the Gold
The dark time or period or place or nightfall.
Mouli A sacred thread of the Hindu religion
Means Candle, Light, The One who Removes the Darkness
Aaryaa A very noble or a very sound lady
Tarashini She who moves at a fast pace
Aashtha having Faith
Gajamukta Big kind of a pearl.
Tanaya Daughter
Aarohi (आरोही) the musical note or being very sound
Gariyashi Refers to bigger or larger.
Nayanika Completely happy and contented.
Onima Examination or investigation or inquiry.
Tikshya Patience, a patient person
Kusumkomol The name means She is Soft as a Flower
Aarti The act of worshiping the almighty
Kunjari The name means the animal Elephant
Subhashini Well-spoken
Ruli A braclet of a kind
Samudra She who is like the ocean or a sea
A river flowing through three regions; River Ganges
the act of showing Passion, being passionate, act of waiting
Gehna Refers to something used to beautify.
Chaitali Owner of sharp memory
Kajol Kajal means Eye Liner
Triparni Like the leaves of sacred Bael
Aarin the one having Mountain like strength
Aamaya (आमाया)
the pleasant Night Rain that brings new hope
Naisha A special or lovely flower
Trishna Thirst
First rays of the morning sun which is life giving
Tvisha Happy or cheerful.
Name of a pure, beautiful flower and the one who cannot be defeated
Upasana Veneration and worship
Roudri A woman who is like a Sun ray
To begin or develop anything and grow light in the morning. It also means dawn.
Sovhona One who posesses true beauty
Debjani A beloved and adorable human being
One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi
Ojeeta A noble light which enlightens the heart.
musical (raaga )famous note specially of south India
Tiyasa The silver, or a thirsty person
Kinkari Kinkari name means Maid
Tweety The bird that can sing in a sweet voice.
it means a flower. People with this name are very soft, generous, kind hearted and love to help other people. they love travelling and are dynamic in nature.
Aayana mirror

Bengali Hindu Girl Names

Bengali Hindu girl Names

In Bengal or all over the world, We know that Hindu Muslims might be different from their names but attached to the strong relationship between them. So I tried to makes the Hindu girl names different and present to you.

Somebody who gives shelter, who is selfless
Goddess Laxmi means good luck to hindus as well as pleasure and being joyful
Raaga She who is musical
Sadhi A wife who is devoted
Tanzima Gift from Heaven
Netraranjana Something that makes the eyes prettier.
the name has a meaning of First ray of sun or something new
Fultushi Girl who is loving and darling.
Drishti Sight
The name of success, fortunate and cooperation.
Aavihshka the one who is very kind, warm and loving.
Arundhati Morning star
Yoshita Women or lady
Tamisra She who is full of darkness
Aatrayi A River
Mounisha The controller of mind
Bipasha A river
Suradhuni A Bengali name meaning river ganges
Pootli A packet or a bundle of something
Bidisha She who is a lightening
Kshamya The name Kshamya means Earth
Bashundhara The Earth
Aatmaja a Daughter of the soul, daughter
Aliveni Golden Doll
Puttoli A little girl as perfect as the doll
Labani means The woman who is full of Grace
Prisha Beloved; Loving; God’s Gift; Dear
Rupamadhurjya A woman of great grace
Creative & strong personality from land of God
The one who is having fantabulous skills by her own.
Aarya the other name of Goddess parvati, durga
Neith was an ancient Goddess of Egypt that means Water.
Bashumati The Earth
Neelam The one has dark blue color eyes.
Moukthika The pearl. The name of Goddess Lakshmi
Ankolika A wonderful embrace
Sweet; Sweet person; Its a Bengali name signifying a cute, lovable and sweet person
The lotus floras that resembling as blue colors.
Haimanti Born in the timings of hemanta
Aarani Aarani is another name of Godess laxmi
Aashalata (आशलता)
the one who is creator of hope or is very optimistic
Rimi The woman who is beautiful
Nilkanta A bluish shaded color, shining blue color.
Aashni (आश्नी) a lightning bolt
The word has a meaning of peace, or the one who makes peace
One who is a dancer of heaven, also Lord Shiva’s faithful companion
To search or to find something or someone
Monarch of the night or queen of the darkness.
Malabika The most beautiful flower
Puspadal One who is like the flower petal
Akashleena Star
Tasbir A picturesque girl
Nabanna The fresh cereal grass.
Tisya An auspicious star from the sky
Sanchiti Person who is set aside for special use
Nabani Fresh fat or margarine.
One who flows or cross through three regions
Vrishti Rain
Nilkamal Sapphire lotus or blue color lotus flowers.
Abarna the Goddess bharvathy
Nabami Lunar fortnight’s ninth day.
Tejashini The mighty one
A day of the new moon in the month of Ashwin
Titirsha A desire to swim or cross the sea
Tushitha Gratified or fulfilled.
Neethika The one who is trustworthy and honest.
Pushpavathi Something that is flower decorated
Baltishna The name means ‘Powerful’ and strength.

Bengali Muslim Girl Names

মোরা একই বৃন্তে দুটী কুসুম
 হিন্দু-মুসলমান |
মুসলিম তার নয়ন-মণি,
হিন্দু তাহার প্রাণ,
                                                                                                ~নজরুল ইসলাম

If you are attached to the culture and heritage of Bengal then you must remember the line said by Kazi Nazrul Islam. So if you are Muslim no problem the world might reject you but in Bengal they like brothers. So make sure you check Bengali Muslim Girl Names for your baby girl.

Name Meaning
Abla A woman who is fully formed
Imaan The virtue of having faith
Sadaaka The kindness of being charitable
ChudarOli Brilliant
Baadia A unique name for a very unique girl
Salima A woman completely flawless in every way
Another popular name referring to the henna in a mehendi
Ummeed Another word for undying hope
Zaayra The magnificent nature of a rose
Raadva As tall and mighty as the mountain in Medina itself
Nazia A daughter who brings glory to her family
Reeda A staunch devotee of Allah
Eila Oak tree, Earth
Caria Beloved
Haadiya The gift of righteousness granted by the Lord
Still used widely by many, for its reference to a princess
Fayza A woman who always brings back victory
A’idah One who is returning
A wonderful name that harkens to a calm evening spent with a friend
Fauzia A woman who always finds success in her life
Jasmine The aroma of a jasmine flower
Nabeela Someone who is noble
Chellam Pampered
Ameera The worshipped and exalted one
Jaleela A girl who manifests illustrious deeds in her life
Badrai Fullness of the moon, rain that falls before winter
Referencing the wonderful leader, it is also another name for a princess
Sumaaya The one who brings endless joy and pride
A popular Muslim name for a girl resembling a jasmine flower
Mahaala The oozing power of femininity
Aa’idah Name of a narrator of hadith
A popular singer of our times, with a name that refers to gracefulness
Fadela Excellent
A modern and common name, which is also the name for the Prophet’s daughter
A’dab A person who is full of hope
Yara As beautiful and tender as a butterfly
A popular name in recent times representing a high social stature
Ahlum A quick-witted and sharp woman
Eira Snow
Damira Long live the world
This could refer to a rare gem or even an endless supply of pure water
Badyah Admirable, knowledgeable person
Qadira Capable
Shaaheen As royal as an eagle
Inbihaaj A cheerful young lady
Qamara Moon
Noor The shining light sent from God
Saida A woman who brings good fortune
Tabana Bright Moonlight
Abeeda The loyal worshipper of God
Naazwa A passionate and secret whisper
Amtulah The favourite servant of God
Pegah The emergence of a new dawn
Laakia Someone who is no less precious than a treasure
Tehzeeb An elegant young woman
Almaas Another word for a girl shining like a diamond
Badra Full Moon
Amaal The bringer of hope in the world
A highly popular name amongst many cultures, referring to a thick forest
Taima The pleasurable sound of thunder
Jahanara A strong woman meant to rule the world
Wabisa Something Bright
Maaysa A woman who has a confident walk
Ilhaam A girl who is an inspiration for everyone around her
Nadima Companion
Mehar Someone who is benevolent in nature
Leena A tender woman with a warm heart
Can either mean someone mysterious or a very good friend
Raaya A friend for life
Tabinda Shines, Bright
Naayla A name meant for the princess of Egypt
Intensely loved after Malala Yusufzai became a well-known name, it refers to the strength from grievance
Farida A daughter who is the most precious one
Sabeen Morning Breeze
Daaria A river that never recedes its flow
Badreeya A woman resembling the glow of a full moon
Khatija Someone who can trust blindly
Ayesha A wife of the Prophet, who was also prosperous
Ahad A woman who always keeps her promise
Zaina A simple name for a graceful woman
Shakufa A flower that is emerging beautifully
Zahra As vast and expansive as the desert itself
Rehma A kind-hearted and compassionate person
Cancandanc Light of Allah
Shadaan Someone who is always cheerful
A trending name indicating the correct way to lead a life
Kaadira A woman who is capable of achieving anything
Dayesha The very essence of being alive
Deemah The beauty of rainwater
Elijah Beautiful, Sweet, Smart
Sofia An intelligent and wise woman
Neema A girl who is a blessing from God
Asheeta Someone who is desired by many
Mallika The royal queen of all mankind
Siddiqa A girl that never fails to keep her word
Nausheen The simple sweetness of a young girl
Zahira She who shines brightly at night
Adara A girl as pure as a virgin
Ziah She who sheds light in dark times
Feroza The soothing nature of turquoise colour
Onima Analysis
Afaf A simple and chaste daughter
Falak The beautiful sky that glows with her light
Baashima The infectiousness of a smile
Haaniya The gift of simple happiness in our lives
Daima Someone who would be present throughout her life
Taheera A pretty exotic name for a chaste woman
Yameena A woman who has been brought up the right way
Adeeva The pleasant gentleness of a woman’s touch
Another popular Muslim name referencing the paradise
A popular name for a girl who brings happiness with her
Badai Wonder,Marval
Kaarima A girl who is extremely generous
Dania God is my judge
Ghushan The tender branches of a tree
Bareeka The beauty of a blossoming flower
Faham Understanding, Intelligent
Dalila Delicate ,Gentle
Nabila Happiness
Fayroz Inspired by the beautiful shade of the colour turquoise
Aadab A trendy name that indicates perpetual hope
Bilkis An alternative name for Queen Sheba
Vida The quality of obviousness in life
A’ishah Life, Living Prosperous
While the Hindi equivalent refers to the sky, this word refers to the quality of excellence
Taleeha The seeker of all knowledge
An exotic name for a woman who is the bringer of all new
Not to be confused with intezaar, this word refers to victory
Veeya Wealth
Zara The resplendent nature of a flower

Traditional Bengali Girl Names

Bengal was the richest part of Medieval India, West Bengal has a long tradition of popular literature, music, and drama largely based on Bengali folklore and Hindu epics and Puranas. o if you ask me then I will tell you to choose a name for your baby girls which has a relation with the tradition of Bengal

Trilaki One who belongs to the three worlds
Piyasi One who is always thirsti
Bapti Expanded,Large, Wealthy
Nibha Not unlike, comparable, alike, switch off
Tarashi One who moves quickly
Pakhi A beautiful bird; sweet singing
Triparna The leaves of sacred bael
Basudhara Hindu Ritual
Bandita Who is worshiped
Aaravi the state of tranquility and harmony
Sagarika A woman born in the ocean
A person who is everywhere and all around
Sanjibani A panacea which restores a life
Rosnai A woman who is like a bolt of lightning
Onalika One of the rivers, the name of a lake.
A welsh that means a noble person. Also, Welsh Poet of 6th century.
Ranjini One who is pleasing
Neeru The shining of the light.
Puttika A bee that is very, very small
Tusarkanika Atoms of snowflakes.
Tuhina Snow
Khuki Khuki means Little Girl
A sweet person, Good nature, Also referred to Goddess Laxmi
Methini The grain of the fenugreek shrub.
Sanchayi Gather together things
Prithibi A woman who loves earth
Somritdhi One of great prosperity
Abanti the name is a synonym of Ujjain
Porama A woman who is the best
Gaurita Holy Parvati or spiritual Parvati.
The name has a meaning of Way of offering prayer to god
Moushimi reliant on a season or a period of time
Tushika White snow storm falling from clouds.
Tanuta She who is very thin
Mounika The silence, refused to talk
Ashapurna Fulfillment of wish
Aazmin A star
Barnini Beautiful
Rebati One who is like the star from the sky
Preshti Ray of Light
Aasthika Faith and commitment
Aayaushi the one blessed with Long life
Madhabika A vine or a climbing plant
Khukumani The name means a Petitte Girl
Bashita Freedom
Rosni A lightning woman
Suravi A lady who can be compared to the Sun
Tejashita A potent girl
Aalta (अल्ता)
the Lac dye, or it means the one very colorful or joyous
The fine spores that contain gametes and that are borne by an another in a flowering plant.
Grahati is the name of God lakshmi. God lakshmi is the god of money.
The name is another name for the lamp that is kept under Tulsi plant to worship it
Neelima The sky which reflects blue color.
Tejashi A glorious one
Aarini The one who is Adventurous
Aanya (आनया)
The one who is kind and warmly courteous
Baruni Goddess Durga
Aanshi The one who is herself a gift of God
Aapti (आपती)
the state of being fulfilled, act of consummating
Tabakee Musketeer
Resha An endless straight line
Tamoha The Moon
Kanakachapa Means Sweet Scent of the Tree Flower
Somadha A woman who feels complete
Tatritri A boat
Tamashi A woman who has a gloomy personality
The word means the belief or expectation or aspiration
Blue shine, blue gloss, blue gleam, blue sparkle.
Neelambika Blue color of the sky.
Tanuruchi A physical beauty
Gangajamuna Resembling as double colors.
Rupamadhuri A graceful girl
Madhujamini Night under the light on the moon
Priyamvada One who speaks sweetly
Trijoya The three wins or victories
Aarchi the name means the rays of light
A great achiever, One who attains something
Taraswati Fastly moving woman

Modern Bengali Girl Names

The generation is changing and some parents go for gaming their baby girl with modern-sounding names for them we have made a complete list of Modern Bengali Girl Names. Make sure you check the below list

Name Meaning
Aaina Mirror
Aarna Lakshmi
Aaryahi Goddess Durga
Adah Decorated, ornament
Adira Strong
Advika One who is unique
Ahana First rays of the sun
Alia Exalted
Alisha Noble, light
Amani Peace or wishes
Amira Female form of ruler or princess
Anahi One who answers, speaker
Anahita Graceful
Anaya God answers
Anika Grace
Anvi Goddess of forest
Anya Grace
Aradhya One worth worshiping
Ayesha Daughter of Prophet
Bhamini Woman, beautiful, glorious
Charvi Beautiful lady
Damini Lightening
Dishani Queen of four directions
Diya Light, lamp
Drishya Sight
Ela Earth
Elakshi Woman who has bright eyes
Eshani Goddess Parvati
Eva Living
Hazel Nuts from a tree
Heer Diamond
Hrishita Pleased, happy
Inaaya Empathy
Ira Watchful
Ishita Desired, greatness
Ivana God is gracious
Jhanvi The river Ganga; daughter of Yaksha, the wise.
Jivika Source of life
Jiya Sweetheart
Kaira Beloved or dear
Kashvi Shining
Kavya Poem
Keya Flower
Khushi Happiness, joy
Kiara Dark-haired
Kimaya Divine
Kismat Fate
Lavanya Beauty or grace
Mahika Dew drops
Manjari A bunch
Mannat Wish
Miraya Lord Krishna’s devotee
Misha Eternal happiness or a beautiful smile
Mishti Sweet person
Myra Myrrh
Navya New
Nayantara Beloved, membrane of the eye
Neelofar Lotus, water lily
Nehmat Grace, gift
Neysa Pure
Nirvi Bliss
Nitara Deeply rooted
Nitya Eternal
Oorja Energy
Pari Ethereal beauty
Parinaaz Sweet, fairy
Pihu Peahen, a female peafowl
Piya Beloved
Prisha Beloved, God’s gift
Rania Queen, heaven
Rasha Pleasant
Rati Wife of Cupid
Renee From Renatus, which comes from the Latin renascor, meaning “born again”.
Rhea Possibly related to the Greek Heros meaning “stream”. Rhea is one of the Titans in Greek mythology.
Riya Singer
Saanvi A name for Goddess Lakshmi
Saira Arabic for traveler or wanderer
Samaira Enchanting
Samiha Incomparable, gracious, a wish
Sana Brilliance or radiance
Sara Princess
Seher Early morning
Shanaya First ray of the sun
Siya A name for Sita
Suhana Pleasant, name of a star
Tanya Fairy queen
Tara Star
Tarini Another name for Goddess Durga
Tiya Bird
Trisha Thirst or desire
Urvi Earth
Vanya Gracious gift of god
Vardaniya Giver of good fortune
Vedika Consciousness
Vritika Thought
Yashvi Fame
Yasmin The Persian name of a climbing plant with fragrant flowers known as “Jasmine”
Zaina Beautiful
Zara Princess
Zoya Loving and caring


Hi, myself Nikhil Arora.Thank you for reading my article. I and my team put the best efforts to create this post to help You with the best choices. I think you got Bengali Girl Names which are unique and traditional as well.

If You found this article valuable enough. I will love to hear from You. Let me know your thoughts about this post in the comment section below. Share the good words.

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