Vijaya Bank Balance Check Number by Missed Call/ SMS

Vijaya Bank Balance Check Number

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number: Vijaya Bank was a public sector bank with its corporate office in Bangalore, Karnataka, India always focused to provide customers more facilities to experience a hassle-free banking experience.

All registered customers can VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number in online or offline mode from anywhere. VIJAYA BANK is a very good public sector bank in India that offers numerous banking services to better the citizens’ future.

Before we begin, let me tell you that we are a completely 3rd party who is providing VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number information to help our subscribers, who asked us to cover this topic on the contact us page. Soon we will respond on how can I check the Bank account number query and the Bank Of Boroda balance inquiry toll-free Number will be also covered by us, so kindly stay tuned.

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number

Get VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number for Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, or Status of a Cheque by giving a missed call or SMS for Free. The Bengaluru-based banking and financing venture aims to provide better service to its customers where you can check all your VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number account-related important pieces of information, no matter you have an internet connection or not in offline mode by just simply dialing a number from the registered number.

Sometimes the registered customers search for the VIJAYA BANK balance check karne ka number or karne wala number in Hindi which is basically all about contact number or main VIJAYA BANK  Balance Check Number account balance check number that hopes to be the same in all the years 2021, 2020, 2018, 2019 and before that also. The complete details about the VIJAYA BANK bank balance check number and the procedure are shared below and please send the right choices to get the desired pieces of information that you want to know.

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number via Miss call

Easy VIJAYA BANK balance check number missed call number to get Mini Statement or status to enquire balance in your account for a hassle-free banking experience from home. A simple missed call and you will be notified with the desired pieces of information about your registered bank account with the Bank of India.

VIJAYA BANK Miss Call Balance Check Number

Bengaluru based VIJAYA BANK Account balance check missed call number hopefully remained unchanged since 2018 and remained the same in 2019, 2020 and 2021. But the customer must place the missed call from the VIJAYA BANK registered number only. The missed call service is completely free as mentioned on the bank official webpage and cost any charges. VIJAYA BANK Customer Care number or helpline number if in case you need any form of assistance is 1800 425 4066.

Vijaya Bank mini statement Number:

1800 103 5535

1800 313 8540

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Toll-free Number

The quick procedure of VIJAYA BANK Balance checks toll-free numbers for a very fast banking process from any device and any location by dialing the numbers shared here. The service is completely free of cost as promised by the Bank of India. The best part of the VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number service is that it is available throughout the entire day means absolutely 24 X 7.

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Toll-free Number

1800 425 5885
1800 425 9992
1800 425 4066

The VIJAYA BANK  check balance toll-free number is the same. It is 09243210480. For your kind information, the account holder must have to contact the registered mobile number with the account to avail of the service. Saving Bank (SB), Overdraft (OD), Cash Credit (CC), Current Account (CA) type accounts are only allowed for the VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number service. Here are the benefits of this service:

  • No charges for the facility.
  • 24 hours of any day of the week, you can use this facility.
  • 3 times per day this facility can be availed.

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check by SMS

Currently, Vijaya Bank Doesn’t have an SMS service to check balance and number registration, mini statement, cheque status, and everything here. Debit card blocking can be done as well using SMS banking procedures. Again access will be granted only if your number is registered with your bank account, in case it is not – then follow the steps mentioned below.

Customer can only use SMS service to block his/her credit/debit card

Purpose   Keyword Message Format
Card Blocking BLOCK BLOCK VIJ XXXX to  575758

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Using Internet Banking

Simple VIJAYA BANK Mobile number registration online complete step by step free procedure to send REG < space > ACCOUNT_NUMBER to start receiving bank account status. VIJAYA BANK  passbook online can also be checked using this number. The easy and fast process to register a number with your VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number account to access all account-related pieces of information. This service only supported in this type of VIJAYA BANK accounts:

  • Saving Bank (SB)
  • Overdraft (OD)
  • Cash Credit (CC)
  • Current Account (CA)

The Steps for checking Account Balance using internet banking steps

  • Login to VIJAYA BANK Online
  • After login, the customer’s bank account will be displayed on the screen. Click on ‘Bank Details’
  • On the next screen, the bank balance and statement option will be displayed
  • Account-holders can also check the bank statement, access mini-statement, open a savings account, start FD/RD or do fund transfers using VIJAYA BANK Net Banking

To download the statement online you need to visit the Official VIJAYA BANK Website, sign in to your account, click on Account Query, select the duration, and then you will be given the choices to VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Number download the statement in either Word or PDF format.

If you don’t have a mobile phone or number, you still can access your account through this website and get all the account related informations without any issue.

VIJAYA BANK Balance Check Using ATM

Customers having a VIJAYA BANK account can also use the ATM-cum-debit card issued to them for the VIJAYA BANK account balance. They need to visit a VIJAYA BANK ATM and follow the steps mentioned here:

  • Swipe the VIJAYA BANK ATM-cum-debit card
  • Use the 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Choose the “Balance Enquiry” option
  • Finish the transaction

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