160+ Powerful Verbs That Start With N

160+ Powerful Verbs That Start With N

As we delve into the world of verbs that start with N, we cannot overlook the profound impact these words have on our communication and expression. Language is a powerful tool, and the verbs we choose shape not only our sentences but also the thoughts and emotions we convey.

Take, for example, the verb “nurture.” This word carries with it a sense of care and growth, symbolizing the tender act of fostering and cultivating. When we use the verb “nurture” in our conversations or writing, we are not merely describing an action but also emphasizing the importance of fostering relationships, ideas, and dreams. It reminds us to invest time and effort in nourishing the things that matter most to us.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the verb “neglect.” This word evokes a sense of disregard and apathy. When we neglect something or someone, we are choosing to divert our attention away, allowing it to wither and fade. The impact of using this verb in our communication is significant, highlighting the consequences of indifference and reinforcing the importance of attentiveness and care.

Furthermore, the verb “navigate” opens up a world of exploration and possibility. It implies skilful and deliberate maneuvering, guiding us through the challenges and obstacles that life presents. When we use this verb, we are not simply describing a physical act but also invoking the resilience and adaptability required to navigate through the complexities of life. It inspires us to approach problems and situations with a strategic mindset, reminding us that we have the power to chart our own course.

Verbs That Start With N

The theme of communication and expression extends beyond the individual verbs themselves. It also encompasses how we use these verbs in combination with other words to convey subtle nuances and create vivid imagery. For instance, words like “nag,” “nuzzle,” or “nuzzle” evoke specific images and feelings that can enhance our writing or conversations. By consciously choosing these verbs, we can paint a more vibrant and engaging picture for our audience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the world we create.

Verbs That Start With Na

Looking for Verbs That Start With Na, here are some ideas.

  • Nab—Take Into Custody.
  • Nadir—The Lowest Point Of Anything.
  • Nag—Bother Persistently With Trivial Complaints.
  • Nail—A Thin Pointed Piece Of Metal That Is Hammered Into Materials As A Fastener.
  • Namaste—A Gesture Of Greeting, Farewell, And/Or Respect.
  • Name—A Language Unit By Which A Person Or Thing Is Known.
  • Namedrop—Refer To People That One Assumes One’s Interlocutors Admire In Order To Try To Impress Them.
  • Namesake—A Person With The Same Name As Another.
  • Nance—Offensive Term For An Openly Homosexual Man.
  • Nanny—Someone Who Cares For Children.
  • Napalm—Gasoline Jelled With Aluminum Soaps For Use In Bombs.
  • Nape—The Back Side Of The Neck.
  • Napped—(Of Fabrics) Having Soft Nap Produced By Brushing.
  • Nappy—(Of Hair) In Small Tight Curls.
  • Nap—Sleeping For A Short Period Of Time (Usually Not In Bed).
  • Narc—A Lawman Concerned With Narcotics Violations.
  • Narcotise—Administer Narcotics To.
  • Narcotize—Administer Narcotics To.
  • Nark—An Informer Or Spy Working For The Police.
  • Narrate—Provide Commentary For A Film, For Example.
  • Narrow—Not Wide.
  • Nasale—Speak In A Nasal Voice.
  • Nasalise—Speak Nasally Or Through The Nose.
  • Nasalize—Speak Nasally Or Through The Nose.
  • Nash—United States Writer Noted For His Droll Epigrams.
  • Nationalise—Put Under State Control Or Ownership.
  • Nationalize—Put Under State Control Or Ownership.
  • Natter—Talk Socially Without Exchanging Too Much Information.
  • Naturalise—Make Into A Citizen.
  • Naturalize—Make Into A Citizen.
  • Nature—The Physical World Including Plants And Animals.
  • Nauseate—Upset And Make Ill.
  • Navigate—Direct Carefully And Safely.
  • Navvy—A Laborer Who Is Obliged To Do Menial Work.
  • Nay—A Negative.
  • Nazify—Cause Or Force To Adopt Nazism Or A Nazi Character.

Verbs That Start With Ne

Explore a list of verbs that start with Ne. Boost your positivity and expand your vocabulary with our comprehensive guide.

  • Neap—A Less Than Average Tide Occurring At The First And Third Quarters Of The Moon.
  • Near—Near In Time Or Place Or Relationship.
  • Neaten—Put (Things Or Places) In Order.
  • Necessitate—Require As Useful, Just, Or Proper.
  • Neck—The Part Of An Organism (Human Or Animal) That Connects The Head To The Rest Of The Body.
  • Necropsy—An Examination Of A Dead Body To Determine Cause Of Death.
  • Necrose—Undergo Necrosis.
  • Nectar—A Sweet Liquid Secretion That Is Attractive To Pollinators.
  • Needle—A Sharp Pointed Implement.
  • Need—Require Or Want.
  • Negate—Make Ineffective By Counterbalancing The Effect Of.
  • Negative—Characterized By Denial Or Opposition Or Resistance.
  • Neglect—Leave Undone Or Leave Out.
  • Negotiate—Confer With Another In Order To Come To Terms Or Reach An Agreement.
  • Negotiate—Discuss The Terms Of An Arrangement.
  • Neighbour—A Person Who Lives Near Another.
  • Neighbour—A Person Who Lives (Or Is Located) Near Another.
  • Neigh—Make A Sound Characteristic Of A Horse.
  • Nerve—A Bundle Of Fibers Running To Organs And Tissues Of The Body.
  • Nest—A Structure In Which Animals Lay Eggs Or Give Birth To Their Young.
  • Nestle—Move Or Arrange Oneself In A Comfortable And Cozy Position.
  • Net—An Open Fabric Of String Or Rope Or Wire Woven Together.
  • Ne—The Compass Point Midway Between North And East.
  • Nether—Lower.
  • Netmail—Communicate Electronically On The Computer.
  • Netted—Having Open Interstices Or Resembling A Web.
  • Nettle—Plant Having Stinging Hairs That Cause Skin Irritation.
  • Nett—Remaining After All Deductions.
  • Network—An Open Fabric Woven Together At Regular Intervals.
  • Neuter—Having No Or Imperfectly Developed Or Nonfunctional Sex Organs.
  • Neutralise—Make Ineffective By Counterbalancing The Effect Of.
  • Neutralize—Make Ineffective By Counterbalancing The Effect Of.
  • Newmarket—A Long Close-Fitting Coat Worn For Riding In The 19th Century.
  • New—Not Of Long Duration.
  • New—Used Of A Living Language.

Verbs That Start With N infographics

Verbs That Start With Ni

Find some of the Verbs That Start With Ni.

  • Nibble—Bite Off Very Small Pieces.
  • Niblick—An Iron With Considerable Loft.
  • Nib—The Writing Point Of A Pen.
  • Nice—A City In Southeastern France On The Mediterranean.
  • Nick—A Small Cut.
  • Nickel—A Hard Malleable Ductile Silvery Metallic Element That Is Resistant To Corrosion; Used In Alloys; Occurs In Pentlandite And Smaltite And Garnierite And Millerite.
  • Nicker—Make A Soft Sound Characteristic Of A Horse.
  • Nickname—A Familiar Name For A Person.
  • Nictate—Briefly Shut The Eyes.
  • Nictitate—Briefly Shut The Eyes.
  • Niff—An Unpleasant Smell.
  • Niggard—A Selfish Person Who Is Unwilling To Give Or Spend.
  • Niggle—Worry Unnecessarily Or Excessively.
  • Nigh—Near In Time Or Place Or Relationship.
  • Nigrify—Make Or Become Black.
  • Nil—A Quantity Of No Importance.
  • Nim—Game In Which Matchsticks Are Arranged In Rows And Players Alternately Remove One Or More Of Them; In Some Versions The Object Is To Take The Last Remaining Matchstick On The Table And In Other Versions The Object Is To Avoid Taking The Last Remaining Matchstick On The Table.
  • Ninja—A Member Of The Ninja Who Were Trained In Martial Arts And Hired For Espionage Or Sabotage Or Assassinations; A Person Skilled In Ninjutsu.
  • Nip—Sever Or Remove By Pinching.
  • Nitpick—Be Overly Critical; Criticize Minor Details.
  • Nitrate—Any Compound Containing The Nitrate Group.
  • Nitrify—Convert Into Nitric Acid, Nitrous Acid, Or Nitrate, Especially With The Action Of Nitrobacteria.
  • Nitrogenise—Treat With Nitrogen Or A Nitrogen Compound.
  • Nitrogenize—Treat With Nitrogen Or A Nitrogen Compound.
  • Nix—Command Against.

Verbs That Start With No

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with No. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Nobble—Disable By Drugging.
  • Nob—Informal Term For An Upper-Class Or Wealthy Person.
  • Noble—Of Or Belonging To Hereditary Aristocracy.
  • Nock—Make Small Marks Into The Surface Of.
  • Noddle—An Informal British Expression For Head Or Mind.
  • Nod—Lower And Raise The Head, As To Indicate Assent Or Agreement Or Confirmation.
  • Nog—A Wooden Block Built Into A Masonry Wall So That Joinery Structure Can Be Nailed To It.
  • Nogging—Rough Brick Masonry Used To Fill In The Gaps In A Wooden Frame.
  • Noise—Sound Of Any Kind.
  • Nominate—Propose As A Candidate For Some Honor.
  • Nonplus—Be A Mystery Or Bewildering To.
  • Nonsense—A Message That Seems To Convey No Meaning.
  • Noodle—A Ribbonlike Strip Of Pasta.
  • Noon—The Middle Of The Day.
  • Noose—A Loop Formed In A Cord Or Rope By Means Of A Slipknot.
  • No—Quantifier.
  • Norm—A Standard Or Model Or Pattern Regarded As Typical.
  • Normalise—Become Normal Or Return To Its Normal State.
  • Normalize—Cause To Conform To A Standard.
  • Norn—Any Of The Three Goddesses Of Destiny.
  • Norther—A Wind That Blows From The North.
  • North—The Direction Corresponding To The Northward Cardinal Compass Point.
  • North—The Region Of The United States Lying To The North Of The Mason-Dixon Line.
  • Nosedive—A Steep Nose-Down Descent By An Aircraft.
  • Nose—The Organ Of Smell And Entrance To The Respiratory Tract.
  • Nosh—A Snack Or Light Meal.
  • Notarise—Authenticate As A Notary.
  • Notarize—Authenticate By Someone Empowered To Witness Signatures.
  • Notate—Put Into Notation, As Of Music Or Choreography.
  • Notch—A Small Cut.
  • Note—A Brief Written Record.
  • Notice—The Act Of Paying Attention.
  • Notify—Inform Somebody Of Something.
  • Noun—A Content Word Referring To A Person, Place, Thing Or Action.
  • Nourish—Provide With Sustenance.
  • Novate—Replace With Something New, Especially An Old Obligation By A New One.
  • Novelise—Convert Into The Form Or The Style Of A Novel.
  • Novelize—Convert Into The Form Or The Style Of A Novel.

Verbs That Start With Nu

Expand your vocabulary with our extensive list of verbs that start with Nu. Enhance your writing and communication skills today.

  • Nuance—A Subtle Difference In Meaning Or Opinion Or Attitude.
  • Nub—A Small Lump Or Protuberance.
  • Nubble—A Small Lump Or Protuberance.
  • Nucleate—Having A Nucleus Or Occurring In The Nucleus.
  • Nudge—Push Against Gently.
  • Nuke—The Warhead Of A Missile Designed To Deliver An Atom Bomb.
  • Nullify—Declare Invalid.
  • Null—Lacking Any Legal Or Binding Force.
  • Number—A Concept Of Quantity Involving Zero And Units.
  • Numbering—A Numbered List.
  • Numb—Lacking Sensation.
  • Numerable—That Can Be Counted.
  • Numerate—Determine The Number Or Amount Of.
  • Nursed—(Of An Infant) Breast-Fed.
  • Nursemaid—A Woman Who Is The Custodian Of Children.
  • Nurse—One Skilled In Caring For Young Children Or The Sick.
  • Nurture—Provide With Nourishment.
  • Nutate—Rock, Sway, Or Nod; Usually Involuntarily.
  • Nut—Egyptian Goddess Of The Sky.
  • Nu—The 13th Letter Of The Greek Alphabet.
  • Nutmeg—East Indian Tree Widely Cultivated In The Tropics For Its Aromatic Seed; Source Of Two Spices: Nutmeg And Mace.
  • Nutrify—Give Nourishment To.
  • Nutshell—The Shell Around The Kernel Of A Nut.
  • Nut—Usually Large Hard-Shelled Seed.
  • Nuzzle—Gently Rub Or Push One’s Nose Or Face Against Something.

Verbs That Start With Ny

  • Nympho—A Woman With Abnormal Sexual Desires.

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In summary, verbs that start with N are not just arbitrary words in the dictionary; they hold a profound influence on how we communicate and express ourselves. By exploring the meaning and impact of these words, we unlock a world of possibilities for enriching our language and connecting with others on a deeper level. So, let us continue our linguistic adventure, discovering and embracing the power and beauty of verbs that start with N. Together, we can inspire and captivate through the art of language.

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