270+ Dynamic Verbs That Start With B

270+ Dynamic Verbs That Start With B

Today we dive into the world of verbs that start with B. The English language is rich in words that can convey actions, ideas, and emotions. Exploring the specific group of verbs that start with B allows us to uncover a fascinating array of possibilities.

From the sublime to the extraordinary, verbs beginning with B invite us to expand our vocabulary and articulate our thoughts with precision. In this blog, we will delve into this captivating realm, uncovering the beauty and intricacy that lies within these verbs that start with B.

So, prepare to embark on a journey of linguistic exploration as we navigate through the enchanting world of B verbs.

Verbs That Start With B

In this article, we dive into a captivating world of verbs that start with B.

Verbs That Start With Ba

Looking for Verbs That Start With Ba, here are some ideas.

  • Babble—Utter Meaningless Sounds.
  • Back—The Posterior Part Of A Human (Or Animal) Body.
  • Backfire—A Loud Noise Made By The Explosion Of Fuel In An Engine.
  • Backslide—Return To A Lower Level, As In One’s Morals Or Standards.
  • Backstitch—An Overlapping Stitch Made By Starting The Next Stitch At The Middle Of The Preceding One.
  • Badger—Sturdy Carnivorous Burrowing Mammal With Strong Claws.
  • Baffle—Be A Mystery Or Bewildering To.
  • Bail—Money Forfeited If The Accused Fails To Appear In Court.
  • Bait—Something Used To Lure Fish Or Other Animals.
  • Bake—Cook And Make it Edible By Putting it In A Hot Oven.
  • Balance—Harmonious Arrangement Or Relation Of Parts Within A Whole.
  • Ballast—Any Heavy Material Used To Stabilize A Ship Or Airship.
  • Ballooning—Flying In A Balloon.
  • Bamboozle—Conceal One’s True Motives From.
  • Ban—Prohibit Especially By Law Or Social Pressure.
  • Band—An Unofficial Association Of People Or Groups.
  • Bandage—A Piece Of Soft Material That Covers And Protects An Injury.
  • Bang—The Swift Release Of A Store Of Affective Force.
  • Banish—Expel, As If By Official Decree.
  • Bank—Financial Institution That Accepts Deposits And Lends Money.
  • Banter—Light Teasing Repartee.
  • Baptize—Administer A Sacrament Signifying Spiritual Rebirth.
  • Bar—A Rigid Piece Of Metal Or Wood.
  • Bard—A Lyric Poet.
  • Bargain—An Agreement Between Parties Fixing Obligations Of Each.
  • Bark—The Sound Made By A Dog.
  • Barrack—Lodge In Buildings Used To House Military Personnel.
  • Barricade—A Barrier To Impede The Advance Of An Enemy.
  • Barrow—A Cart For Carrying Small Loads.
  • Barter—Exchange Goods Without Involving Money.
  • Base—Lowest Support Of A Structure.
  • Bash—Hit Hard.
  • Bask—Expose Oneself To Warmth And Light, As For Relaxation.
  • Baste—Cover With Liquid Before Cooking.
  • Bat—A Club Used For Hitting A Ball In Various Games.
  • Bathe—Clean One’s Body By Immersion Into Water.
  • Batter—Strike Violently And Repeatedly.
  • Battle—A Hostile Meeting Of Opposing Military Forces.
  • Bawl—Cry Loudly.

Verbs That Start With Be

Explore a list of verbs that start with Be. Boost your positivity and expand your vocabulary with our comprehensive guide.

  • Be—A Light Strong Brittle Grey Toxic Bivalent Metallic Element.
  • Beach—An Area Of Sand Sloping Down To The Water Of A Sea Or Lake.
  • Bead—A Small Ball With A Hole Through The Middle.
  • Beam—A Long Thick Piece Of Material Used In Construction.
  • Bear—Be Pregnant With.
  • Beat—Hit Repeatedly.
  • Beatify—Make Blessedly Happy.
  • Become—Come Into Existence.
  • Bed—A Piece Of Furniture That Provides A Place To Sleep.
  • Bedazzle—Cause Someone To Lose Clear Vision, As From Intense Light.
  • Bedeck—Decorate.
  • Bedevil—Be Confusing Or Perplexing To.
  • Be—Have A Specified Quality Or Characteristic.
  • Beg—Make A Solicitation Or Entreaty For Something.
  • Beget—Have Children.
  • Begin—Israeli Statesman (Born In Russia) Who (As Prime Minister Of Israel) Negotiated A Peace Treaty With Anwar Sadat (Then The President Of Egypt) (1913-1992).
  • Beginning—The Act Of Starting Something.
  • Behave—Act In A Certain Manner.
  • Behead—Cut The Head Of.
  • Behold—See With Attention.
  • Being—The State Or Fact Of Existing.
  • Bejewel—Adorn Or Decorate With Or As If With Precious Stones.
  • Belch—Expel Gas From The Stomach.
  • Believe—Accept As True; Take To Be True.
  • Belittle—Cause To Seem Lesser Or Inferior.
  • Bell—A Phonetician And Father Of Alexander Graham Bell.
  • Bellow—Make A Loud Noise, As Of An Animal.
  • Belong—Be Owned By; Be In The Possession Of.
  • Belt—A Band To Tie Or Buckle Around The Body.
  • Bemuse—Cause To Be Confused Emotionally.
  • Bench—The Magistrate Or Judge Or Judges Sitting In Court In Judicial Capacity To Compose The Court Collectively.
  • Bend—A Town In Central Oregon At The Eastern Foot Of The Cascade Range.
  • Benefit—Something That Aids Or Promotes Well-Being.
  • Benumb—Make Numb Or Insensitive.
  • Bequeath—Leave Or Give, Especially By Will After One’s Death.
  • Bereave—Deprive Through Death.
  • Berth—A Place Where A Sailing Vessel Can Be Secured.
  • Beseech—Ask For Or Request Earnestly.
  • Besiege—Surround So As To Force To Give Up.
  • Bespangle—Decorate With Spangles.
  • Best—Canadian Physiologist (Born In The United States) Who Assisted F. G. Banting In Research Leading To The Discovery Of Insulin (1899-1978).
  • Bestow—Give As A Gift.
  • Bet—Stake On The Outcome Of An Issue.
  • Betray—Deliver To An Enemy By Treachery.
  • Betroth—Give To In Marriage.
  • Better—Superior To Another In Excellence Or Quality Or Desirability.
  • Bevel—Two Surfaces Meeting At An Angle Different From 90 Degrees.
  • Beware—Be On One’s Guard; Be Cautious Or Wary About; Be Alert To.
  • Bewilder—Cause To Be Confused Emotionally.
  • Bewitch—Cast A Spell Over Someone Or Something.

Verbs That Start With Bi

Find some of the Verbs That Start With Bi.

  • Bicker—Argue Over Petty Things.
  • Bicycle—A Vehicle That Has Two Wheels And Is Moved By Foot Pedals.
  • Bid—Propose A Payment.
  • Bike—A Two-Wheeled Vehicle That Is Moved By Foot Pedals.
  • Bill—An Itemized Statement Of Money Owed For Goods Or Services.
  • Bind—Secure With Or As If With Ropes.
  • Birth—The Time When Something Begins (Especially Life).
  • Bisect—Cut In Half Or Cut In Two.
  • Bit—A Small Piece Or Quantity Of Something.
  • Bite—To Grip, Cut Off, Or Tear With Or As If With The Teeth Or Jaws.
  • Bivouac—Temporary Living Quarters Built By The Army For Soldiers.

Verbs That Start With B infographics

Verbs That Start With Bl

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with Bl. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Blab—Speak (About Unimportant Matters) Rapidly And Incessantly.
  • Black—British Chemist Who Identified Carbon Dioxide And Who Formulated The Concepts Of Specific Heat And Latent Heat (1728-1799).
  • Blacken—Make Or Become Black.
  • Blackmail—Extortion Of Money By Threats To Divulge Harmful Information.
  • Blame—An Accusation That One Is Responsible For Some Misdeed.
  • Blanch—Turn Pale, As If In Fear.
  • Blank—(Of A Surface) Not Written Or Printed On.
  • Blare—Make A Loud Noise.
  • Blaspheme—Speak Of In An Irreverent Or Impious Manner.
  • Blast—A Sudden Very Loud Noise.
  • Blaze—A Strong Flame That Burns Brightly.
  • Blazon—The Official Symbols Of A Family, State, Etc.
  • Bleach—Make it Whiter Or Lighter.
  • Bleat—The Sound Of Sheep Or Goats (Or Any Sound Resembling This).
  • Bleed—Lose Blood From One’s Body.
  • Blemish—A Mark Or Flaw That Spoils The Appearance Of Something.
  • Blend—Mix Together Different Elements.
  • Bless—Make The Sign Of The Cross To Call On God For Protection.
  • Blessing—A Ceremonial Prayer Invoking Divine Protection.
  • Blight—Any Plant Disease Resulting In Withering Without Rotting.
  • Blind—Unable To See.
  • Blink—A Reflex That Closes And Opens The Eyes Rapidly.
  • Block—Obstruct.
  • Blockade—A War Measure Isolating An Area Of Importance To The Enemy.
  • Bloom—Produce Or Yield Flowers.
  • Blossom—A Flower Or Cluster Of Flowers On A Plant.
  • Blow—Be In Motion Due To Some Air Or Water Current.
  • Blubber—An Insulating Layer Of Fat Under The Skin Of Some Animals.
  • Bludgeon—A Club Used As A Weapon.
  • Blue—Of The Color Intermediate Between Green And Violet.
  • Bluff—A High Steep Bank.
  • Blunder—An Embarrassing Mistake.
  • Blunt—Not Sharp (Used Of A Knife Or Other Blade).
  • Blur—Confuse Or Make Unclear.
  • Blurt—Utter Impulsively.
  • Blush—Become Rosy Or Reddish.

Verbs That Start With Bo

Here are some Verbs That Start With Bo.

  • Board—A Stout Length Of Sawn Timber.
  • Boast—Talk About Oneself With Excessive Pride Or Self-Regard.
  • Boat—A Small Vessel For Travel On Water.
  • Body—An Individual 3-Dimensional Object That Has Mass.
  • Bog—Wet Spongy Ground Of Decomposing Vegetation.
  • Boil—Change From A Liquid To Vapor.
  • Bolster—Support And Strengthen.
  • Bolt—A Screw That Screws Into A Nut To Form A Fastener.
  • Bomb—An Explosive Device Fused To Explode Under Specific Conditions.
  • Bombard—Throw Bombs At Or Attack With Bombs.
  • Bond—A Connection That Fastens Things Together.
  • Bone—Rigid Tissue That Makes Up The Skeleton Of Vertebrates.
  • Boo—Show Displeasure, As After A Performance Or Speech.
  • Book—The Sacred Writings Of The Christian Religions.
  • Booming—Having A Loud And Deep Sound.
  • Boost—Increase.
  • Boot—Footwear That Covers The Whole Foot And Lower Leg.
  • Booze—An Alcoholic Beverage That Is Distilled Rather Than Fermented.
  • Border—The Boundary Of A Surface.
  • Bore—Make A Hole, Especially With A Pointed Power Or Hand Tool.
  • Born—British Nuclear Physicist (Born In Germany) Honored For His Contributions To Quantum Mechanics (1882-1970).
  • Borrow—Get Temporarily.
  • Boss—A Person Who Exercises Control And Makes Decisions.
  • Botanize—Collect And Study Plants.
  • Botch—Make A Mess Of, Destroy, Or Ruin.
  • Bother—Disturb, Especially By Minor Irritations.
  • Bottle—A Vessel Used For Storing Drinks Or Other Liquids.
  • Bottom—The Lower Side Of Anything.
  • Bounce—Spring Back; Spring Away From An Impact.
  • Bound—Confined By Bonds.
  • Bow—Something Curved In Shape.
  • Bowl—A Round Vessel That Is Open At The Top.
  • Box—A (Usually Rectangular) Container; May Have A Lid.
  • Boycott—Refusal To Have Commercial Dealings With Some Organizations.

Verbs That Start With Br

looking for a few Verbs That Start With Br. Here are some ideas.

  • Brace—A Support That Steadies Or Strengthens Something Else.
  • Brag—Show Off.
  • Braid—Make By Interlacing.
  • Brain—The Organ That Is The Center Of The Nervous System.
  • Brainwash—Persuade Completely, Often Through Coercion.
  • Brake—A Restraint Used To Slow Or Stop A Vehicle.
  • Branch—A Division Of A Stem Arising From The Main Stem Of A Plant.
  • Brandish—Move Or Swing Back And Forth.
  • Brave—Possessing Or Displaying Courage.
  • Bray—A Cry Of Or Similar To That Of A Donkey.
  • Break—Destroy The Integrity Of.
  • Breakfast—The First Meal Of The Day (Usually In The Morning).
  • Breathe—Draw Air Into, And Expel Out Of, The Lungs.
  • Breed—Cause To Procreate (Animals).
  • Breeze—A Slight And Usually Refreshing Wind.
  • Brew—Sit Or Let Sit In Boiling Water So As To Extract The Flavor.
  • Bribe—Payment Made To Corrupt A Person In A Position Of Trust.
  • Brick—Rectangular Block Of Clay Baked By The Sun Or In A Kiln.
  • Bridge—Structure Allowing Passage Across A River Or Other Obstacle.
  • Bridle—Headgear For A Horse.
  • Brief—Of Short Duration Or Distance.
  • Brighten—Make Lighter Or Brighter.
  • Brim—The Top Edge Of A Vessel Or Other Container.
  • Bring—Take Something Or Somebody With Oneself Somewhere.
  • Bristle—A Stiff Hair.
  • Broadcast—Disseminate Over The Airwaves, As In Radio Or Television.
  • Brocade—Thick Expensive Material With A Raised Pattern.
  • Bronze—An Alloy Of Copper And Tin And Sometimes Other Elements.
  • Brood—Hang Over, As Of Something Threatening, Dark, Or Menacing.
  • Browbeat—Discourage Or Frighten With Threats Or A Domineering Manner.
  • Brown—Scottish Botanist Who First Observed The Movement Of Small Particles In Fluids Now Known A Brownian Motion (1773-1858).
  • Browse—Feed As In A Meadow Or Pasture.
  • Bruise—A Small Injury That Results In Discoloration.
  • Brush—An Implement That Has Hairs Or Bristles Set Into A Handle.
  • Brutalize—Treat Brutally.

Verbs That Start With Bu

Upgrade your verb game with our handpicked compilation of engaging and dynamic verbs that kick off with Bu.

  • Bubble—A Hollow Globule Of Gas (E.G., Air Or Carbon Dioxide).
  • Buck—Mature Male Of Certain Mammals, Especially Deer Or Antelope.
  • Buckle—Fastener That Fastens Together Two Ends Of A Belt Or Strap.
  • Bud—A Partially Opened Flower.
  • Buddy—A Close Friend Who Accompanies His Mates In Their Activities.
  • Budge—Move Very Slightly.
  • Budget—A Summary Of Intended Expenditures.
  • Buff—A Soft Thick Undyed Leather.
  • Bug—General Term For Any Insect Or Similar Creeping Or Crawling Invertebrate.
  • Build—Make By Combining Materials And Parts.
  • Bulge—Swell Or Protrude Outwards.
  • Bulk—The Property Possessed By A Large Mass.
  • Bully—Discourage Or Frighten With Threats Or A Domineering Manner.
  • Bum—A Disreputable Vagrant.
  • Bump—An Impact (As From A Collision).
  • Bunch—A Grouping Of A Number Of Similar Things.
  • Bundle—A Collection Of Things Wrapped Or Boxed Together.
  • Bungle—Make A Mess Of, Destroy, Or Ruin.
  • Bunk—A Set Of Beds Built One Above The Other.
  • Buoy—An Anchored Float That Marks Locations In A Body Of Water.
  • Burden—Weight To Be Carried Or Borne.
  • Burgle—Enter And Rob A Dwelling.
  • Burn—Destroy By Fire.
  • Burnish—Polish And Make Shiny.
  • Burst—Come Open Suddenly And Violently.
  • Bury—Place In A Grave Or Tomb.
  • Bus—A Vehicle Carrying Many Passengers.
  • Busk—Play Music In A Public Place And Solicit Money For It.
  • Bust—A Sculpture Of The Head And Shoulders Of A Person.
  • Butt—The Small Unused Part Of Something.
  • Butter—A Solid Yellow Food Made From Cream.
  • Button—A Round Fastener Sewn To Shirts And Coats.
  • Buttress—A Support Usually Of Stone Or Brick.
  • Buy—Obtain By Purchase.
  • Buzz—The Sound Of Rapid Vibration.

Verbs That Start With By

Boost your language skills with our handpicked selection of vibrant verbs starting with BY. Say goodbye to boring sentences!

  • Bypass—Avoid Something.

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Conclusion: Verbs that start with B offer a rich tapestry of meanings and implications, inviting us to delve into the myriad possibilities that language presents. From exploring power dynamics to expressing emotions, these verbs hold a multitude of themes and concepts that can enrich our understanding and communication. So, let us continue to embrace the beauty and intricacy of these verbs as we navigate the enchanting world of B verbs. Happy exploring!

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