100+ Powerful Verbs That Start With K

Verbs That Start With K

As language enthusiasts, we understand the power and beauty of words and how they shape our thoughts and experiences. In this series, we will explore a collection of versatile and intriguing verbs that start with K, shining a light on their significance and potential to enhance our communication.

So, whether you are a writer, a student, or simply someone seeking to expand your vocabulary, join us on this linguistic journey as we uncover the nuanced meanings and graceful flow of verbs that start with the letter K.

Verbs That Start With K

In this article, we dive into a captivating world of verbs that start with k.

Verbs That Start With Ka

Looking for Verbs That Start With Ka, here are some ideas.

  • Kabob—Cubes Of Meat Marinated And Cooked On A Skewer Usually With Vegetables.
  • Kaftan—A (Cotton Or Silk) Cloak With Full Sleeves And Sash Reaching Down To The Ankles; Worn By Men In The Levant.
  • Kaleidoscope—An Optical Toy In A Tube.
  • Kamikaze—A Pilot Trained And Willing To Cause A Suicidal Crash.
  • Karaoke—Singing Popular Songs Accompanied By A Recording.
  • Karate—A Traditional Japanese System Of Unarmed Combat.
  • Karyotype—The Appearance Of The Chromosomal Makeup Of A Somatic Cell In An Individual Or Species (Including The Number Arrangement Size And Structure Of The Chromosomes).
  • Kayak—A Light, Narrow Boat Propelled With A Double-Bladed Paddle.
  • Kayo—A Blow That Renders The Opponent Unconscious.
  • Kazoo—A Toy Wind Instrument Into Which One Hum.

Verbs That Start With Ke

Explore a list of verbs that start with Ke. Boost your positivity and expand your vocabulary with our comprehensive guide.

  • Kebab—Cubes Of Meat Or Vegetables Cooked On A Skewer.
  • Keel—One Of The Main Longitudinal Beams Of The Hull Of A Vessel.
  • Keen—Intense Or Sharp.
  • Keep—Continue A Certain State, Condition, Or Activity.
  • Keg—Small Cask Or Barrel.
  • Keister—The Fleshy Part Of The Human Body That You Sit On.
  • Keloid—Raised Pinkish Scar Tissue At The Site Of An Injury.
  • Kemp—A Coarse Hair Or Fiber, Used Especially Of Wool.
  • Kennel—A Building Or Cage That Serves As A Shelter For A Dog.
  • Kenning—A Compound Word Serving As A Metaphorical Name For Something.
  • Ken—Range Of What One Can Know Or Understand.
  • Keratinise—Convert Into Keratin.
  • Keratinize—Convert Into Keratin.
  • Kerb—An Edge Between A Sidewalk And A Roadway Consisting Of A Line Of Curbstones (Usually Forming Part Of A Gutter).
  • Kerchief—A Square Scarf Folded Into A Triangle And Worn Over The Head.
  • Kerfuffle—A Disorderly Outburst Or Tumult.
  • Kernel—A Single Whole Grain Of A Cereal.
  • Kern—The Part Of A Metal Typeface That Projects Beyond Its Body.
  • Kern—United States Composer Of Musical Comedies (1885-1945).
  • Ketch—A Sailing Vessel With Two Masts.
  • Ketchup—Thick Condiment Made From Tomatoes.
  • Kettle—A Metal Pot With A Lid For Stewing Or Boiling.
  • Keyboard—Set Of Levers That Can Be Pressed, As On A Piano Or Computer.
  • Keyhole—The Hole Where A Key Is Inserted.
  • Key—Metal Device That Allows A Lock’s Mechanism To Be Rotated.
  • Keynote—(Music) The First Note Of A Diatonic Scale.
  • Keystone—The Central Building Block At The Top Of An Arch Or Vault.
  • Keystroke—The Stroke Of A Key; One Depression Of A Key On A Keyboard.
  • Key—United States Lawyer And Poet Who Wrote A Poem After Witnessing The British Attack On Baltimore During The War Of 1812; The Poem Was Later Set To Music And Entitled `The Star-Spangled Banner’ (1779-1843).

Verbs That Start With Ki

Find some of the Verbs That Start With ki.

  • Kibbitz—Make Unwanted And Intrusive Comments.
  • Kibble—An Iron Bucket Used For Hoisting In Wells Or Mining.
  • Kibitz—Make Unwanted And Intrusive Comments.
  • Kibosh—The Event Of Something Ending.
  • Kick—Drive Or Propel With The Foot.
  • Kiddy—A Young Child.
  • Kid—English Dramatist (1558-1594).
  • Kidnap—Take Someone Away Against Their Will, Often For Ransom.
  • Kid—Young Goat.
  • Kill—Cause To Die.
  • Kiln—A Furnace For Firing, Burning Or Drying Porcelain Or Bricks.
  • Kilt—A Traditional Knee-Length Skirt Worn By Men In Scotland.
  • Kin—A Person Related To Another Or Others.
  • Kind—Having A Tender And Considerate And Helpful Nature.
  • Kindle—Catch Fire.
  • Kinescope—A Cathode-Ray Tube In A Television Receiver.
  • King—A Male Sovereign; Ruler Of A Kingdom.
  • King—United States Charismatic Civil Rights Leader And Baptist Minister Who Campaigned Against The Segregation Of Blacks (1929-1968).
  • Kink—A Sharp Bend In A Line Produced When A Line Having A Loop Is Pulled Tight.
  • Kipper—Salted And Smoked Herring.
  • Kip—The Basic Unit Of Money In Laos.
  • Kirtle—A Garment Resembling A Tunic That Was Worn By Men In The Middle Ages.
  • Kiss—Touch With The Lips Or Press The Lips (Against Someone’s Mouth Or Other Body Part) As An Expression Of Love, Greeting, Etc.
  • Kitchen—A Room Equipped For Preparing Meals.
  • Kite—Plaything Consisting Of A Light Frame Covered With Tissue Paper; Flown In Wind At the End Of A String.
  • Kit—Gear Consisting Of A Set Of Articles Or Tools For A Specified Purpose.
  • Kitten—Young Domestic Cat.

Verbs That Start With Kl

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with Kl. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Klaxon—A Loud Electric Horn.
  • Klick—A Metric Unit Of Length Equal To 1000 Meters.
  • Kline—United States Abstract Expressionist Painter (1910-1962).
  • Kludge—A Badly Assembled Collection Of Parts Hastily Assembled To Serve Some Particular Purpose (Often Used To Refer To Computing Systems Or Software That Has Been Badly Put Together).

Verbs That Start With Kn

Here are some Verbs That Start With Kn.

  • Knack—A Special Way Of Doing Something.
  • Knacker—Someone Who Buys Up Old Horses For Slaughter.
  • Knap—Break A Small Piece Off From.
  • Knapsack—A Bag Carried By A Strap On Your Back Or Shoulder.
  • Knead—Use The Hands To Mix And Work Something Into A Uniform Mass.
  • Kneecap—A Small Flat Triangular Bone In Front Of The Knee That Protects The Knee Joint.
  • Knee—Hinge Joint In The Human Leg Connecting The Tibia And Fibula With The Femur And Protected In Front By The Patella.
  • Kneel—Rest One’s Weight On One’s Knees.
  • Knell—The Sound Of A Bell Rung Slowly To Announce A Death.
  • Knife—Edge Tool Used As A Cutting Instrument.
  • Knight—A Person Of Noble Birth Trained To Arms And Chivalry.
  • Knit—Make By Needlework With Interlacing Yarn.
  • Knob—A Circular Rounded Projection Or Protuberance.
  • Knobble—A Small Knob.
  • Knock—Deliver A Sharp Blow Or Push:”He Knocked The Glass Clear Across The Room”.
  • Knockdown—A Blow That Knocks The Opponent Off His Feet.
  • Knoll—A Small Natural Mound.
  • Knot—A Fastening Formed By Looping And Tying A Cord Or Rope.
  • Knout—A Whip With A Lash Of Leather Thongs Twisted With Wire.
  • Know—Be Cognizant Or Aware Of A Fact Or A Piece Of Information.
  • Knowledge—The Result Of Perception, Learning, And Reasoning.
  • Knuckle—A Joint Of A Finger When The Fist Is Closed.
  • Knuckleball—A Baseball Pitch Thrown With Little Speed Or Spin.

Verbs That Start With Ko

looking for a few Verbs That Start With Ko. Here are some ideas.

  • Kohl—A Cosmetic Preparation Used By Women In Egypt And Arabia To Darken The Edges Of Their Eyelids.
  • Kosher—Conforming To Dietary Laws.
  • Kotow—Try To Gain Favor By Cringing Or Flattering.
  • Kowtow—Bend The Knees And Bow In A Servile Manner.

Verbs That Start With Kr

Upgrade your verb game with our handpicked compilation of engaging and dynamic verbs that kick off with Kr.

  • Kraal—A Village Of Huts For Native Africans In Southern Africa.
  • Kris—A Malayan Dagger With A Wavy Blade.

Verbs That Start With Ku

Boost your language skills with our handpicked selection of vibrant verbs starting with Ku. Say goodbye to boring sentences!

  • Kudos—An Expression Of Approval And Commendation.

Verbs That Start With Kv

  • Kvetch—Express Complaints, Displeasure, Or Unhappiness.

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Final Words

So, as we bid farewell to this exploration of verbs that start with K, let us remember the beauty they bring to our language. From their action-packed nature to their melodic sounds, from their quirkiness to their metaphorical connections, these verbs have a profound impact on our writing and communication. Let us embrace the charm and untapped potential of verbs that start with K and allow them to enrich our language and captivate our readers. Whether we write with Ks or simply relish in their presence, let us appreciate these often overlooked words and let them serve as an inspiration for our journey as word enthusiasts and language lovers.

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