220+ Outstanding Verbs That Start With O

220+ Outstanding Verbs That Start With O

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the rich and diverse world of verbs that start with O.

From the ordinary to the obscure, the verbs in this category bring a unique range of actions and possibilities. With a thoughtful tone of voice, we explore the nuances and meanings behind these verbs, uncovering their power to paint vivid pictures, evoke emotions, and shape our understanding of the world.

Join us on this linguistic journey as we uncover the beauty and significance of verbs that start with O.

Verbs That Start With O

In this article, we dive into a captivating world of verbs that start with O.

Verbs That Start With Ob

Looking for Verbs That Start With Ob, here are some ideas.

  • Obey—Comply With; Do What One Is Told.
  • Obfuscate—Make Obscure Or Unclear.
  • Object—A Tangible And Visible Entity.
  • Objectify—Treat Or Regard As A Thing, Rather Than As A Person.
  • Objurgate—Censure Severely.
  • Obligate—Force Somebody To Do Something.
  • Oblige—Force Somebody To Do Something.
  • Obliterate—Remove Completely From Recognition Or Memory.
  • Obnubilate—Make Less Visible Or Unclear.
  • Obscure—Not Clearly Understood Or Expressed.
  • Observe—Watch Attentively.
  • Obsess—Be Preoccupied With Something.
  • Obstinate—Marked By Tenacious Unwillingness To Yield.
  • Obstipate—Constipate Severely.
  • Obstruct—Block Passage Through.
  • Obtain—Come Into Possession Of.
  • Obtrude—Push To Thrust Outward.
  • Obtund—Reduce The Edge Or Violence Of.
  • Obturate—Block Passage Through.
  • Obviate—Do Away With.

Verbs That Start With Oc

Explore a list of verbs that start with Oc. Boost your positivity and expand your vocabulary with our comprehensive guide.

  • Occasion—An Event That Occurs At A Critical Time.
  • Occidentalize—Make European Or North American In Character.
  • Occlude—Block Passage Through.
  • Occult—Supernatural Forces And Events And Beings Collectively.
  • Occupy—Live In (A Certain Place).
  • Occur—Come To Pass.

Verbs That Start With Od

  • Odorize—Cause To Smell Or Be Smelly.

Verbs That Start With Of

Find some of the Verbs That Start With Of.

  • Offend—Cause To Feel Resentment Or Indignation.
  • Offer—Present For Acceptance Or Rejection.
  • Officialize—Make Official.
  • Officiate—Perform A Ceremony Or Religious Ritual.
  • Offload—Take The Load Off (A Container Or Vehicle).
  • Offsaddle—Remove The Saddle From.
  • Offset—A Compensating Equivalent.

Verbs That Start With Og

  • Ogle—Stare Or Look At, Especially With Amorous Intentions.

Verbs That Start With Oi

  • Oil—A Slippery Or Viscous Liquid Or Liquefiable Substance Not Miscible With Water.
  • Oink—The Short Low Gruff Noise Of The Kind Made By Hogs.

Verbs That Start With Ok

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with Ok. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Ok—Being Satisfactory Or In Satisfactory Condition.

Verbs That Start With Om

  • Omen—A Sign Of A Thing About To Happen.
  • Omit—Leave Undone Or Leave Out.

Verbs That Start With Oo

Here are some Verbs That Start With Oo.

  • Ooze—Pass Gradually Or Leak Or As If Through Small Openings.

Verbs That Start With Op

  • Opacify—Make Opaque.
  • Opalesce—Reflect Light Or Colors Like An Opal.
  • Opalize—Replace Or Convert Into Opal.
  • Open—Affording Free Passage Or Access.
  • Operate—Perform As Expected When Applied.
  • Opine—Express One’s View Openly And Without Fear Or Hesitation.
  • Oppose—Be Against.
  • Oppress—Come Down On Or Keep Down By Unjust Use Of One’s Authority.
  • Oppugn—Challenge The Accuracy, Probity, Or Propriety Of.
  • Opsonize—Make (Cells) More Susceptible To The Action Of Phagocytes.
  • Opt—Select As An Alternative Over Another.
  • Optimize—Make Optimal; Get The Most Out Of; Use Best.

Verbs That Start With Or

looking for a few Verbs That Start With Or. here are some ideas.

  • Orate—Make Speeches.
  • Orbit—The Path Of A Celestial Body In Its Revolution About Another.
  • Orchestrate—Plan And Direct (A Complex Undertaking).
  • Ordain—Invest With Ministerial Or Priestly Authority.
  • Order—Logical Arrangement Of Different Elements.
  • Ordinate—The Value Of A Coordinate On The Vertical Axis.
  • Organize—Arrange By Systematic Planning And United Effort.
  • Orient—The Eastern Hemisphere.
  • Orientalize—Make Oriental In Character.
  • Orientate—Determine One’s Position With Reference To Another Point.
  • Originate—Come Into Existence; Take On Form Or Shape.
  • Ornament—Something Used To Beautify.
  • Orphan—A Child Who Has Lost Both Parents.

Verbs That Start With Os

  • Oscillate—Move Or Swing From Side To Side Regularly.
  • Osculate—Kiss.
  • Ossify—Become Bony.
  • Ostentate—Display Proudly; Act Ostentatiously Or Pretentiously.
  • Ostracize—Expel From A Community Or Group.

Verbs That Start With O infographics

Verbs That Start With Ou

Upgrade your verb game with our handpicked compilation of engaging and dynamic verbs that kick off with Ou.

  • Oust—Remove From A Position Or Office.
  • Outbalance—Weigh More Heavily.
  • Outbid—Bid Higher Than Others.
  • Outbrave—Resist Bravely.
  • Outclass—Cause To Appear In A Lower Class.
  • Outcrop—The Part Of A Rock Formation That Appears Above The Surface.
  • Outcry—A Loud Utterance, Often In Protest Or Opposition.
  • Outdistance—Go Far Ahead Of.
  • Outdo—Be Or Do Something To A Greater Degree.
  • Outdraw—Draw A Gun Faster Or Best Someone In A Gunfight.
  • Outface—Overcome Or Cause To Waver Or Submit By Staring.
  • Outfight—To Fight Better Than; Get The Better Of.
  • Outflank—Get The Better Off.
  • Outfox—Beat Through Cleverness And Wit.
  • Outgeneral—Surpass In Generalship.
  • Outgo—Be Or Do Something To A Greater Degree.
  • Outgrow—Grow Too Large Or Too Mature For.
  • Outguess—Attempt To Anticipate Or Predict.
  • Outlast—Live Longer Than.
  • Outlaw—A Criminal, Especially One On The Run From Police.
  • Outline—The Line That Appears To Bound An Object.
  • Outlive—Live Longer Than.
  • Outmaneuver—Defeat By More Skillful Maneuvering.
  • Outmanoeuvre—Defeat By More Skillful Maneuvering.
  • Outmarch—March Longer Distances And For A Longer Time Than.
  • Outmatch—Be Or Do Something To A Greater Degree.
  • Outmode—Make Unfashionable, Outdated, Or Obsolete.
  • Outnumber—Be Larger In Number.
  • Outpace—Surpass, Especially In Speed.
  • Outperform—Be Or Do Something To A Greater Degree.
  • Outplay—Excel Or Defeat In A Game.
  • Outpoint—Sail Closer To The Wind Than.
  • Output—Production Of A Certain Amount.
  • Outrank—Take Precedence Or Surpass Others In Rank.
  • Outreach—The Act Of Reaching Out.
  • Outride—Ride Better, Faster, Or Further Than.
  • Outrival—Be More Of A Rival Than.
  • Outroar—Roar Louder Than.
  • Outrun—Run Faster Than.
  • Outscore—Score More Points Than One’s Opponents.
  • Outsell—Sell More Than Others.
  • Outshine—Attract More Attention And Praise Than Others.
  • Outshout—Shout Louder Than.
  • Outsmart—Beat Through Cleverness And Wit.
  • Outsource—Obtain Goods Or Services From An External Supplier.
  • Outstare—Overcome Or Cause To Waver Or Submit By Staring.
  • Outstrip—Go Far Ahead Of.
  • Outweigh—Be More Important Or Significant Than.
  • Outwit—Beat Through Cleverness.

Verbs That Start With Ov

Boost your language skills with our handpicked selection of vibrant verbs starting with ov. Say goodbye to boring sentences!

  • Ovenbake—Bake In An Oven.
  • Overachieve—Perform Better Or Achieve A Greater Degree Of Success Than Expected.
  • Overact—Exaggerate One’s Acting.
  • Overarch—Be Central Or Dominant.
  • Overawe—Subdue, Restrain, Or Overcome By Affecting With A Feeling Of Awe; Frighten (As With Threats).
  • Overbalance—Weigh More Heavily.
  • Overbear—Bear Too Much.
  • Overbid—Bid More Than The Object Is Worth.
  • Overboil—Overflow Or Cause To Overflow While Boiling.
  • Overburden—Load With Excessive Weight.
  • Overcapitalize—Capitalize Beyond What The Business Or The Profit-Making Prospects Warrant.
  • Overcast—Filled Or Abounding With Clouds.
  • Overcharge—Rip Off; Ask An Unreasonable Price.
  • Overclothe—Dress Too Warmly.
  • Overcloud—Make Obscure Or Unclear.
  • Overcome—Win A Victory Over.
  • Overcompensate—Make Up For Shortcomings Or A Feeling Of Inferiority By Exaggerating Good Qualities.
  • Overcook—Cook Too Long.
  • Overcrop—To Exhaust By Excessive Cultivation.
  • Overcultivate—To Exhaust By Excessive Cultivation.
  • Overdo—Do Something To An Excessive Degree.
  • Overdose—Dose Too Heavily.


  • Overdramatize—Present In An Overly Dramatic Manner.
  • Overdraw—Draw More Money From Than Is Available.
  • Overdress—Put On Special Clothes To Appear Particularly Appealing And Attractive.
  • Overdrive—A High Gear Used At High Speeds To Maintain The Driving Speed With Less Output Power.
  • Overeat—Overeat Or Eat Immodestly; Make A Pig Of Oneself.
  • Overemphasize—Place Special Or Excessive Emphasis On.
  • Overestimate—Make Too High An Approximation Of.
  • Overexert—Exert (Oneself) Excessively And Go Beyond One’s Strength.
  • Overextend—Strain Excessively.
  • Overfatigue—Tire Excessively.
  • Overfeed—Feed Excessively.
  • Overfill—Fill Beyond Capacity.
  • Overflow—Flow Or Run Over (A Limit Or Brim).
  • Overfly—Fly Over.
  • Overgeneralize—Draw Too General A Conclusion.
  • Overgorge—Overeat Or Eat Immodestly; Make A Pig Of Oneself.
  • Overgrow—Become Overgrown.
  • Overhang—Project Over.
  • Overhaul—Make Repairs, Renovations, Revisions Or Adjustments To.
  • Overhear—Hear, Usually Without The Knowledge Of The Speakers.
  • Overheat—Get Excessively And Undesirably Hot.
  • Overindulge—Overeat Or Eat Immodestly; Make A Pig Of Oneself.
  • Overjoy—Cause To Feel Extremely Joyful Or Happy.
  • Overlap—Extend Over And Cover A Part Of.
  • Overlay—Put Something On Top Of Something Else.
  • Overleap—Jump Across Or Leap Over (An Obstacle).
  • Overlie—Lie Upon; Lie On Top Of.
  • Overload—Place Too Much A Burden On.
  • Overlook—Have A View Of Something From Above.
  • Overmaster—Overcome By Superior Force.


  • Overpay—Pay Too Much.
  • Overplay—Exaggerate One’s Acting.
  • Overpower—Defeat By Superior Force.
  • Overprice—Price Excessively High.
  • Overprint—Print Onto An Already Imprinted Paper.
  • Overproduce—Produce In Excess; Produce More Than Needed Or Wanted.
  • Overprotect—Protect Excessively.
  • Overrate—Make Too High An Estimate Of.
  • Overreach—Fail By Aiming Too High Or Trying Too Hard.
  • Overreact—Show An Exaggerated Response To Something.
  • Overrefine—Refine Too Much Or With Excess Of Subtlety.
  • Override—Travel On The Back Of (A Horse) Too Hard.
  • Overrule—Rule Against.
  • Overrun—Seize The Position Of And Defeat.
  • Oversee—Watch And Direct.
  • Oversew—Sew (Two Edges) With Close Stitches That Pass Over Them Both.
  • Overshadow—Cast A Shadow Upon.
  • Overshoot—Shoot Beyond Or Over (A Target).
  • Oversimplify—Simplify To An Excessive Degree.
  • Oversleep—Awake Later Than Intended.
  • Overspecialize—Become Overly Specialized.
  • Overspend—Spend More Than Available Of (A Budget).
  • Overspread—Spread Across Or Over.
  • Overstate—Enlarge Beyond Bounds Or The Truth.
  • Overstay—Stay Too Long.
  • Overstep—Pass Beyond (Limits Or Boundaries).
  • Overstock—Stock Excessively.
  • Overstrain—Strain Excessively.
  • Overstress—Place Special Or Excessive Emphasis On.
  • Overstretch—Strain Abnormally.
  • Overstuff—Stuff Too Much.
  • Oversupply—Supply With An Excess Of.
  • Overtake—Catch Up With And Possibly Overtake.
  • Overtax—Tax Excessively.
  • Overthrow—Rule Against.
  • Overtire—Tire Excessively.
  • Overtop—Look Down On.
  • Overtrump—Play A Trump Higher Than To The Trick.
  • Overturn—Cause To Flip From An Upright Or Normal Position.
  • Overuse—Make Use Of Too Often Or Too Extensively.
  • Overvalue—Assign Too High A Value To.
  • Overweary—Tire Excessively.
  • Overwhelm—Overcome, As With Emotions Or Perceptual Stimuli.
  • Overwork—Work Excessively Hard.
  • Overwrite—Write New Data On Top Of Existing Data And Thus Erase The Previously Existing Data.
  • Ovulate—Produce And Discharge Eggs.

Verbs That Start With Ow

Uncover a treasure trove of verbs that begin with ow and transform your prose into something truly unforgettable. Ignite your imagination now!

  • Owe—Be Obliged To Pay Or Repay.
  • Own—Belonging To Or On Behalf Of A Specified Person.

Verbs That Start With

Elevate your vocabulary game with verbs that begin with ox. Spice up your sentences and convey your thoughts with precision using these impressive words. Ox

  • Oxidate—Enter Into A Combination With Oxygen Or Become Converted Into An Oxide.
  • Oxidize—Enter Into A Combination With Oxygen.
  • Oxygenate—Impregnate, Combine, Or Supply With Oxygen.
  • Oxygenize—Impregnate, Combine, Or Supply With Oxygen.

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Verbs that start with O offer a wide range of possibilities for expressing action and movement. From observing to organizing, from originating to overcoming, these verbs add depth and specificity to our language. Whether we are describing an object or an emotion, there is an O verb that can convey the exact meaning we desire. So let us not overlook the power of these often forgotten words; instead, let us embrace them and incorporate them into our writing and speaking. By doing so, we can enrich our communication and engage our listeners or readers in a more impactful way. So go ahead and explore the world of verbs that start with O – you may be surprised by how much they can enhance your expression!

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