300+ Verbs That Start With S: From Stealthy to Spectacula

300+ Verbs That Start With S: From Stealthy to Spectacula

Are you ready to take your language skills to the next level? If so, get ready to explore a world of verbs that start with S. From silky smooth movements to explosive actions, these verbs pack a punch and add flair to your writing and conversation.

Whether you’re a wordsmith searching for fresh ways to express yourself or simply curious about the power of language, this article is your ultimate guide to verbs beginning with S. So buckle up and prepare for an exhilarating linguistic journey that will leave you spellbound by the versatility and vibrancy of these dynamic words.

One of the most versatile and exciting letters in the English language, S offers a wide range of captivating verbs that can add depth and dynamism to your writing. Let’s explore some of these verbs and discover their unique nuances.

Verbs That Start With S

In this article, we dive into a captivating world of verbs that start with S.

Verbs That Start With Sa

Looking for Verbs That Start With Sa, here are some ideas.

  • Saber—A Stout Sword With A Curved Blade And Thick Back.
  • Sable—Marten Of Northern Asian Forests Having Dark Brown Fur.
  • Sabre—A Stout Sword With A Curved Blade And Thick Back.
  • Sail—A Large Piece Of Fabric Used To Propel A Vessel.
  • Saint—A Person Who Has Died And Has Been Canonized.
  • Sally—A Military Action In Which Besieged Troops Burst Forth.
  • Salve—A Preparation Applied Externally As A Soothing Remedy.
  • Satisfied—Filled With Contentment.
  • Sauce—Flavorful Relish Or Dressing Or Topping Served As An Accompaniment To Food.
  • Save—Bring Into Safety.
  • Saved—Rescued; Especially From The Power And Consequences Of Sin.
  • Savor—A Particular Taste Or Smell, Especially An Appealing One.
  • Saw—Hand Tool Having A Toothed Blade For Cutting.
  • Say—Utter Aloud.

Verbs That Start With Sc

Explore a list of verbs that start with Sc. Boost your positivity and expand your vocabulary with our comprehensive guide.

  • Scald—Burn With A Hot Liquid Or Steam.
  • Scale—An Ordered Reference Standard.
  • Scalp—The Skin That Covers The Top Of The Head.
  • Scan—Examine Minutely Or Intensely.
  • Scant—Less Than The Correct Or Legal Or Full Amount.
  • Scape—Erect Leafless Flower Stalk Growing Directly From The Ground As In A Tulip.
  • Scare—Cause Fear In.
  • Scarf—A Garment Worn Around The Head Or Neck.
  • Scarp—A Long Steep Slope Or Cliff At The Edge Of A Plateau Or Ridge; Usually Formed By Erosion.
  • Scene—The Place Where Some Action Occurs.
  • Scent—Any Property Detected By The Olfactory System.
  • Scheduled—Planned For Some Certain Time Or Times.
  • Scoff—Laugh At With Contempt And Derision.
  • Scold—Censure Severely Or Angrily.
  • Scoot—Run Or Move Very Quickly Or Hastily.
  • Scope—The State Of The Environment In Which A Situation Exists.
  • Score—A Number That Expresses Accomplishment In A Game Or Contest.
  • Scorn—Lack Of Respect Accompanied By A Feeling Of Intense Dislike.
  • Scour—Rub Hard Or Scrub.
  • Scout—Explore, Often With A Goal Of Finding Something Or Somebody.
  • Scowl—Frown With Displeasure.
  • Scrap—A Small Fragment Of Something Broken Off From The Whole.
  • Screen—Partition Consisting Of A Decorative Frame Or Panel That Serves To Divide A Space.
  • Screw—A Simple Machine With A Threaded Cylindrical Rod And Hole.
  • Scrub—Wash Thoroughly.
  • Scrutinize—Examine Carefully For Accuracy.
  • Scuff—Walk Without Lifting The Feet.
  • Scull—A Long Oar That Is Mounted At The Stern Of A Boat And Moved Left And Right To Propel The Boat Forward.

Verbs That Start With Se

Find some of the Verbs That Start With Se.

  • Search—Look Or Seek.
  • Secure—Free From Danger Or Risk.
  • See—Perceive By Sight Or Have The Power To Perceive By Sight.
  • Seek—Try To Locate, Discover, Or Establish The Existence Of.
  • Seize—Take Hold Of; Grab.
  • Select—Pick Out Or Choose From A Number Of Alternatives.
  • Sell—Exchange Or Deliver For Money Or Its Equivalent.
  • Send—Cause To Go Somewhere.
  • Sense—The Faculty Through Which The World Is Perceived.
  • Separate—Standing Apart; Not Attached To Or Supported By Anything.
  • Serve—Devote One’s Life Or Efforts To, As Of Countries Or Ideas.
  • Set—Evil Egyptian God With The Head Of A Beast That Has High Square Ears And A Long Snout; Brother And Murderer Of Osiris.
  • Sever—Set Or Keep Apart.
  • Sew—Create (Clothes) With Cloth.

Verbs That Start With Sh

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with Sh. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Shack—Small Crude Shelter Used As A Dwelling.
  • Shade—Relative Darkness Caused When Sunlight Is Blocked.
  • Shaft—A Long Rod Or Pole, Especially The Body Of A Weapon.
  • Shake—Move Or Cause To Move Back And Forth.
  • Shale—A Sedimentary Rock Formed By The Deposition Of Successive Layers Of Clay.
  • Shame—A Painful Feeling Of Embarrassment Or Inadequacy.
  • Shank—The Part Of The Human Leg Between The Knee And The Ankle.
  • Shape—A Perceptual Structure.
  • Share—Assets Belonging To An Individual Person Or Group.
  • Shark—Any Of Numerous Elongate Mostly Marine Carnivorous Fishes With Heterocercal Caudal Fins And Tough Skin Covered With Small Toothlike Scales.
  • Sharp—Having A Point Or Thin Edge Suitable For Cutting Or Piercing.
  • Shave—Remove Body Hair With A Razor.
  • Shawl—A Garment Used To Cover The Shoulders Or Head.
  • Sheaf—A Package Of Several Things Tied Together.
  • Shear—Cut Or Cut Through With Scissors.
  • Shed—Cause Or Allow To Flow Or Run Out Or Over.
  • Sheen—The Visual Property Of Something That Shines.
  • Sheer—So Thin As To Transmit Light.
  • Sheet—Any Broad Thin Expanse Or Surface.
  • Shelf—A Support That Consists Of A Horizontal Surface For Holding Objects.
  • Shell—The Outer Covering Of An Animal.
  • Shift—Move Very Slightly.
  • Shill—A Decoy Who Helps Stimulate The Participation Of Others.
  • Shine—Emit Light; Be Bright, As Of The Sun Or A Light.
  • Shirk—Avoid One’s Assigned Duties.
  • Shirt—A Garment Worn On The Upper Half Of The Body.
  • Shoal—A Stretch Of Shallow Water.
  • Shock—An Unpleasant Or Disappointing Surprise.
  • Shoe—Footwear Shaped To Fit The Foot (Below The Ankle) With A Flexible Upper Of Leather Or Plastic And A Sole And Heel Of Heavier Material.
  • Shook—A Disassembled Barrel.
  • Shoot—Fire A Shot.
  • Shop—A Mercantile Establishment For The Retail Sale Of Goods Or Services.
  • Shore—The Land Along The Edge Of A Body Of Water.
  • Short—Having Little Length Or Lacking In Length.
  • Shote—A Young Pig.
  • Shout—Utter In A Loud Voice; Talk In A Loud Voice.
  • Show—Make Visible Or Noticeable.
  • Shrink—Wither, As With A Loss Of Moisture.
  • Shrive—Grant Remission Of A Sin To.
  • Shut—Move So That An Opening Or Passage Is Obstructed; Make Shut.

Verbs That Start With Si

Expand your vocabulary with our extensive list of verbs that start with Si. Enhance your writing and communication skills today.

  • Sidle—Move Sideways.
  • Siege—An Action Of An Armed Force That Surrounds A Fortified Place.
  • Sight—The Ability To See; The Visual Faculty.
  • Simplify—Make Easier Or Reduce In Complexity Or Extent.
  • Sinew—A Band Of Tissue Connecting A Muscle To Its Bony Attachment.
  • Sing—Produce Tones With The Voice.
  • Singe—Burn Superficially Or Lightly.
  • Sink—Fall Or Descend To A Lower Place Or Level.
  • Sit—Take A Seat.
  • Sit Down—Take A Seat.

Verbs That Start With Sk

Expand your vocabulary with our extensive list of verbs that start with Sk. Enhance your writing and communication skills today.

  • Skate—Sports Equipment That Is Worn On The Feet To Enable The Wearer To Glide Along And To Be Propelled By The Alternate Actions Of The Legs.
  • Ski—Narrow Wood Or Metal Or Plastic Runners Used In Pairs For Gliding Over Snow.
  • Skiff—A Small Boat Propelled By Oars Or By Sails Or By A Motor.
  • Skill—An Ability That Has Been Acquired By Training.
  • Skimp—Work Hastily Or Carelessly.
  • Skink—Alert Agile Lizard With Reduced Limbs And An Elongated Body Covered With Shiny Scales; More Dependent On Moisture Than Most Lizards; Found In Tropical Regions Worldwide.
  • Skirt—A Garment Hanging From The Waist.
  • Skive—Remove The Surface Of.
  • Skulk—Lie In Wait Or Behave In A Sneaky And Secretive Manner.
  • Skunk—American Musteline Mammal Typically Ejecting An Intensely Malodorous Fluid When Startled; In Some Classifications Put In A Separate Subfamily Mephitinae.

Verbs That Start With Sl

Discover a comprehensive list of verbs that start with Sl. Expand your vocabulary and improve your writing with our extensive collection.

  • Slack—Not Tense Or Taut.
  • Slake—Satisfy, As Thirst.
  • Slang—Informal Language That Is Inappropriate For Formal Occasions.
  • Slant—Incline Or Bend From A Vertical Position.
  • Slash—Cut With Sweeping Strokes; As With An Ax Or Machete.
  • Slashed—Patterned By Having Color Applied With Sweeping Strokes.
  • Slate—Fine-Grained Metamorphic Rock That Can Be Split Into Layers.
  • Slave—A Person Who Is Forcibly Held In Servitude.
  • Slay—Kill Intentionally And With Premeditation.
  • Sleek—Having A Smooth, Gleaming Surface Reflecting Light.
  • Sleep—A Natural And Periodic State Of Rest.
  • Sleet—Precipitation Consisting Of A Mixture Of Rain And Snow.
  • Slice—A Thin Flat Piece Cut Off Of Some Object.
  • Slick—Made Smooth, As By Ice, Grease, Or Water.
  • Slide—Move Smoothly Along A Surface.
  • Slime—Any Thick, Viscous Matter.
  • Sling—A Simple Weapon Consisting Of A Looped Strap In Which A Projectile Is Whirled And Then Released.
  • Slink—Move Or Walk Stealthily.
  • Slope—Be At An Angle.
  • Sloth—A Disinclination To Work Or Exert Yourself.
  • Slow—Not Moving Quickly; Taking A Comparatively Long Time.
  • Slump—Fall Or Sink Heavily.
  • Slush—Partially Melted Snow.

300+ Verbs That Start With S infographics

Verbs That Start With Sm

  • Smack—A Blow From A Flat Object (As An Open Hand).
  • Small—Limited Or Below Average In Number Or Quantity Or Magnitude.
  • Smart—Characterized By Quickness And Ease In Learning.
  • Smash—Hit Violently.
  • Smear—Smudge Or Soil By Smudging.
  • Smell—The Faculty That Enables Us To Distinguish Scents.
  • Smelt—Extract By Heating, As A Metal.
  • Smile—A Facial Expression With The Corners Of The Mouth Turned Up.
  • Smirk—Smile In A Mocking Or Condescending Way.
  • Smite—Inflict A Heavy Blow On, With The Hand, A Tool, Or A Weapon.
  • Smock—A Loose Coverall That Protects The Clothes.
  • Smoke—A Cloud Of Fine Particles Suspended In A Gas.

Verbs That Start With Sn

Find some of the Verbs That Start With Sn.

  • Snack—A Light Informal Meal.
  • Snake—A Tributary Of The Columbia River That Rises In Wyoming And Flows Westward; Discovered In 1805 By The Lewis And Clark Expedition.
  • Snare—A Trap For Birds Or Small Mammals; Often Has A Slip Noose.
  • Snarl—Utter In An Angry, Sharp, Or Abrupt Tone.
  • Sneak—To Go Stealthily Or Furtively.
  • Sneer—A Facial Expression Of Contempt Or Scorn.
  • Sneeze—Exhale Spasmodically, As When An Irritant Entered One’s Nose.
  • Snick—Cut Slightly, With A Razor.
  • Sniff—Perceive By Inhaling Through The Nose.
  • Snood—An Ornamental Net That Confines A Woman’s Hair.
  • Snook—Large Tropical American Food And Game Fishes Of Coastal And Brackish Waters; Resemble Pike.
  • Snore—Breathe Noisily During One’s Sleep.
  • Snort—A Cry Or Noise Made To Express Displeasure Or Contempt.
  • Snout—A Long Projecting Or Anterior Elongation Of An Animal’s Head.
  • Snow—English Writer Of Novels About Moral Dilemmas In Academe.
  • Snuff—Inhale Audibly Through The Nose.

Verbs That Start With So

Ready to level up your language game? Dive into our curated list of verbs that start with so and take your communication skills to the next level!

  • Sober—Not Affected By A Chemical Substance, Especially Alcohol.
  • Sold—Disposed Of To A Purchaser.
  • Solidify—Become Firm.
  • Solve—Find The Answer To Or Understand The Meaning Of.
  • Soot—Black Powder Formed When Fuel Such As Wood Or Coal Is Burned.
  • Sough—Make A Murmuring Sound.
  • Sound—Mechanical Vibrations Transmitted By An Elastic Medium.
  • Souse—Immerse Briefly Into A Liquid So As To Wet, Coat, Or Saturate.
  • South—The Region Of The United States Lying To The South Of The Mason-Dixon Line.
  • Sow—Place Seeds In Or On The Ground For Future Growth.

Verbs That Start With Sp

Unleash the power of words beginning with sp and bring creativity to your communication. Explore our verb compilation today!

  • Space—The Unlimited Expanse In Which Everything Is Located.
  • Spade—Hand Shovel That Can Be Pushed Into The Earth With The Foot.
  • Spall—A Fragment Broken Off From The Edge Or Face Of Stone Or Ore And Having At Least One Thin Edge.
  • Spang—Leap, Jerk, Bang.
  • Spank—Give A Spanking To; Subject To A Spanking.
  • Spare—More Than Is Needed, Desired, Or Required.
  • Spark—A Small Fragment Of A Burning Substance.
  • Spasm—A Painful And Involuntary Muscular Contraction.
  • Spawl—A Fragment Broken Off From The Edge Or Face Of Stone Or Ore And Having At Least One Thin Edge.
  • Spawn—The Mass Of Eggs Deposited By Fish Or Amphibians Or Mollusks.
  • Speak—Use Language.
  • Spear—A Long Pointed Rod Used As A Tool Or Weapon.
  • Spearhead—The Head And Sharpened Point Of A Spear.
  • Specialize—Become More Focused On An Area Of Activity Or Field Of Study.
  • Specified—Clearly And Explicitly Stated.
  • Speck—A Very Small Spot.
  • Speed—A Rate At Which Something Happens.
  • Speer—German Nazi Architect Who Worked For Hitler (1905-1981).
  • Speke—English Explorer Who With Sir Richard Burton Was The First European To Explore Lake Tanganyika; He Also Discovered Lake Victoria And Named It (1827-1864).
  • Spell—Write Or Name The Letters That Comprise The Accepted Form Of.
  • Spelt—Hardy Wheat Grown Mostly In Europe For Livestock Feed.
  • Spend—Pass Time In A Specific Way.
  • Spice—Any Of A Variety Of Pungent Aromatic Vegetable Substances Used For Flavoring Food.
  • Spike—A Long, Thin Sharp-Pointed Implement (Wood Or Metal).
  • Spile—A Column Of Wood Or Steel Or Concrete That Is Driven Into The Ground To Provide Support For A Structure.
  • Spill—Flow, Run Or Fall Out And Become Lost.
  • Spin—Revolve Quickly And Repeatedly Around One’s Own Axis.
  • Spire—A Tall Tower That Forms The Superstructure Of A Building.
  • Spirt—The Occurrence Of A Sudden Discharge (As Of Liquid).
  • Spit—The Act Of Spitting (Forcefully Expelling Saliva).
  • Spite—Meanness Or Nastiness.
  • Splay—Widen Or Spread Apart.
  • Split—Separate Into Parts Or Portions.
  • Spoil—Make A Mess Of, Destroy Or Ruin.
  • Spoke—A Rod Joining The Hub Of A Wheel To The Rim.
  • Spool—A Winder Around Which Thread Or Tape Or Film Or Other Flexible Materials Can Be Wound.
  • Spoon—A Piece Of Cutlery With A Shallow Bowl-Shaped Container And A Handle; Used To Stir Or Serve Or Take Up Food.
  • Spoor—The Trail Left By A Person Or An Animal.
  • Sport—Active Diversion Requiring Physical Exertion And Competition.
  • Spout—Gush Forth In A Sudden Stream Or Jet.
  • Spread—Distribute Or Disperse Widely.
  • Spring—Move Forward By Leaps And Bounds.
  • Squab—An Unfledged Pigeon.
  • Squat—Sit On One’s Heels.
  • Squib—Firework Consisting Of A Tube Filled With Powder (As A Broken Firecracker) That Burns With A Fizzing Noise.

Verbs That Start With St

Unlock the potential of verbs starting with st to level up your language game. From strong to subtle, find the perfect word for every occasion.

  • Stack—An Orderly Pile.
  • Staff—A Strong Rod Or Stick With A Specialized Utilitarian Purpose.
  • Stage—Any Distinct Time Period In A Sequence Of Events.
  • Stain—Make Dirty Or Spotty, As By Exposure To Air.
  • Stake—A Strong Wooden Or Metal Post Driven Into The Ground.
  • Stale—Lacking Freshness, Palatability, Or Showing Deterioration.
  • Stalk—A Slender Or Elongated Structure That Supports A Plant.
  • Stall—A Small Area Set Off For Special Use.
  • Stamp—Walk Heavily.
  • Stand—Be Standing; Be Upright.
  • Stand Up—Rise To One’s Feet.
  • Standardize—Cause To Conform To A Norm.
  • Stink—Smell Badly And Offensively.
  • Stare—Look At With Fixed Eyes.
  • Stark—Severely Simple.
  • Start—Take The First Step Or Steps In Carrying Out An Action.
  • State—The Way Something Is With Respect To Its Main Attributes.
  • Stave—One Of The Slats Of Wood Forming Sides Of A Barrel Or Bucket.
  • Stead—The Place Properly Occupied Or Served By Another.
  • Steak—A Slice Of Meat Cut From The Fleshy Part Of An Animal.
  • Steal—Take Without The Owner’s Consent.
  • Steam—Water At Boiling Temperature Diffused In The Atmosphere.
  • Steel—An Alloy Of Iron With Small Amounts Of Carbon.
  • Steen—Dutch Genre Painter (1626-1679).
  • Steep—Having A Sharp Inclination.
  • Steer—Be A Guiding Or Motivating Force Or Drive.
  • Stein—Experimental Expatriate United States Writer (1874-1946).
  • Stent—A Slender Tube Inserted Inside A Tubular Body Part (As A Blood Vessel) To Provide Support During And After Surgical Anastomosis.
  • Step—The Act Of Changing Location By Raising The Foot And Setting It Down.
  • Stern—Serious And Harsh In Manner Or Behavior.
  • Stick—A Long Thin Implement Resembling A Length Of Wood.
  • Stiff—Incapable Of Or Resistant To Bending.
  • Stile—An Upright That Is A Member In A Door Or Window Frame.
  • Still—Not In Physical Motion.
  • Stilt—A Pole Used For Walking High Above The Ground.
  • Stimulate—Cause To Act In A Specified Manner.
  • Sting—Deliver A Sudden Pain To.
  • Stop—Have An End, In A Temporal, Spatial, Or Quantitative Sense.
  • Streamline—Contour Economically Or Efficiently.
  • Strengthened—Given Added Strength Or Support.
  • Stress—Special Emphasis Attached To Something.
  • Strew—Spread By Scattering.
  • Stride—Walk With Long Steps.
  • Strike—Deliver A Sharp Blow, As With The Hand, Fist, Or Weapon.
  • String—A Lightweight Cord.
  • Strive—Attempt By Employing Effort.
  • Structured—Having A Definite And Highly Organized System.
  • Studied—Produced Or Marked By Conscious Design Or Premeditation.
  • Study—Applying The Mind To Learning And Understanding A Subject.

Verbs That Start With Su

Looking for unique words to add depth to your writing? Check out our compilation of verbs starting with su for some inspiration.

  • Substitute—A Person Or Thing That Can Take The Place Of Another.
  • Succeed—Attain Success Or Reach A Desired Goal.
  • Sugar—A White Crystalline Carbohydrate Used As A Sweetener.
  • Suggest—Make A Proposal; Declare A Plan For Something.
  • Sully—Make Dirty Or Spotty.
  • Summarize—Briefly Present The Main Points Of Something.
  • Supervise—Watch And Direct.
  • Supply—Circulate Or Distribute Or Equip With.
  • Support—The Act Of Bearing The Weight Of Or Strengthening.
  • Surge—Rise And Move, As In Waves Or Billows.
  • Surpass—Be Or Do Something To A Greater Degree.
  • Surprise—Come Upon Or Take Unawares.
  • Survey—Determining Opinions By Interviewing People.
  • Sustained—Continued At Length Without Interruption Or Weakening.

Verbs That Start With Sw

Unleash the potential of your writing with our handpicked selection of verbs starting with sw. Enhance your storytelling skills now!

  • Swage—A Tool Used To Thicken Or Spread Metal (The End Of A Bar Or A Rivet Etc.) By Forging Or Hammering Or Swaging.
  • Swale—A Low-Lying Area, Especially A Marshy Area Between Ridges.
  • Swamp—Low Land That Is Seasonally Flooded.
  • Sward—Surface Layer Of Ground Containing A Mat Of Grass And Grass Roots.
  • Swarm—A Group Of Many Things In The Air Or On The Ground.
  • Swart—Naturally Having Skin Of A Dark Color.
  • Swash—The Movement Or Sound Of Water.
  • Swath—A Path Or Strip.
  • Swear—To Declare Or Affirm Solemnly And Formally As True.
  • Sweat—Salty Fluid Secreted By Glands In The Skin.
  • Sweep—Clean By Using A Broom Or As If With A Broom.
  • Sweet—English Phonetician; One Of The Founders Of Modern Phonetics.
  • Swell—Increase In Size, Magnitude, Number, Or Intensity.
  • Swift—Moving Very Fast.
  • Swill—Drink Large Quantities Of.
  • Swim—Travel Through Water.
  • Swing—Change Direction With A Swinging Motion; Turn.
  • Swipe—A Sweeping Stroke Or Blow.
  • Swirl—Turn In A Twisting Or Spinning Motion.
  • Swish—Move With Or Cause To Move With A Whistling Or Hissing Sound.
  • Swoon—Pass Out From Weakness Or Physical Or Emotional Distress.
  • Swoop—Move With A Sweep.

Verbs That Start With Sy

Inject excitement into your writing with our collection of energetic verbs starting with Sy. Engage readers and leave a lasting impression!

  • Synthesize—Combine And Form A Complex Whole.
  • Systematize—Arrange Or Carry Out According To An Orderly Plan.

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Verbs that start with S are a versatile and dynamic group of words that add vibrancy and action to any sentence. From simple actions like “swim” and “sit” to more complex concepts like synthesize and speculate, these verbs allow us to communicate effectively and vividly. Whether you are writing a story, giving a presentation, or engaging in everyday conversation, incorporating strong verbs that start with S can elevate your language and captivate your audience. So don’t be afraid to explore the vast array of options available to you – seize the opportunity to enhance your writing and speaking by incorporating these powerful verbs into your repertoire.

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