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We bring the latest Tech News and Updated gaming info for benefit of the visitors. Quality and User-friendly interface is our main Focus. Our team is growing day by day. We always look for writers who are technically skilled with the good problem-solving ability for the position of IT Technician. We are integrally growing our business worldwide and trying to solve issues with our valuable informative blogs.


Nikhil Arora covers diversion, Tech and Gaming for Goldstrend. As an incredible gamer and tech master, Nikhil has audited over 1500+ games and Tech in over a large portion of 2 years at Goldstrend. At the point when he isn’t totally found new games and Tech discharges, Nikhil can be found investigating football computer games, console applications, wellness groups, and keen home gadgets. In his spare time, you will discover Akhil drenching himself in virtual universes, as he interminably endeavours to confirm stuff on his unending watchlist.


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